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Hey, it's me, baby, middleclasstool. You can call me mid, or mct, or Douglas, or even Fran. Mrs. Tool calls me "bitchcakes," and that is no lie.
You know why the ladies love me so much? It's because I'm a giver. Oh yes, I give. I'm giving a little something to you, like, right now, baby.
Oh, no. Not that. That comes later.
No, what I'm giving you is a chance to post Curious, George questions anonymously, so that no one who knows you will ever learn about your deepest secrets.
That's right, baby. I can keep a secret. Would you like a drink? I have some Cold Duck in the beer fridge. Perhaps some satin pajamas?
No? All right, whatever's your bag.
Anyway, just follow the instructions on the Anonymous, George page, and shoot me a private message. I'll be standing by to satisfy your every need, baby, like that one you had that kept you up all last night. Oh, yeah. The one with the ferret and the marmalade.
Drop me a line, and let's, like, see what happens next, baby.
Oh, and if you'd rather swing with the ladies, then check out this fine young thing. She's ready to party, baby.

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