Simian XX (user #3713)

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Here is a product no monkey should be without. Once you've tried Simian XX, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it. In fact, you'll want to travel back in time to relive your life aided by the wonders of Simian XX. You'll keep insisting that your friends try Simian XX to the point where they get totally creeped out and won't talk to you anymore. Fueled by the power of Koko, Simian XX will ask the questions you never had the nerve to ask before. Just follow the instructions on the Anonymous, George page, and send an email to the address above. It's just that simple! Confidentiality guaranteed, or your money back!
Also try our cool ranch flavor!
Anonymous George: Transgendered, Can't Find Work Anonymous George: A Friend in Need Anonymous George: need advice on gastroplasty, etc. Anonymous George: Need a Sham Marriage Cupidinous George II -- Oh MonkeyFilter, me love you long time!

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