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OK, I understand. I'll go away. Everyone else, have a good time! Yours truly, Losers Anonymous.

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My only point, admittedly strident, as in a hearty "fuck you" to all strident off-hand judges: Some of us are single parents. Some of us are combined-family parents. Some of us are elder-families. Some of us are emergency-families. Some of us are other-worldly-belief families. And on and on. I say fuck you to those who think that partial people can't be part of whole families. Sometimes, even partial people are the backbone. You don't know the truth because you aren't there. But I know, it's fun to make fun.

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Love the show, love the theme song. Can do without your swaggering braggodocio.

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Sorry, like it's worth the effort: should be sanctimonious. thx

Plus, shut up, you santimonious overblown hoo-ha stooge. Hawhthorne wingnut indeed.

Guess I'd better buy some vowels.

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OK, I'll put it here rather than elsewhere. Rocket88, you are perfect in every sense of the word, and I usually say that about nobody.

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oh, my bd. This is funny? Sorry, missed th joke.

Plus, I fully agree with dr.jimmy et al here.

How pretty. A family is apparently able to care for their litter, and it's still wrong. What is appalling is the blame the wide-cunt-slut angle most are advancing. What about Mr. No-Zip-It Sperm Spewer? Where's he? Noooooo, it's allabout the bitch what spread her legs. Fuck you. Men have no right to insinuate themselves in the reproductive rights argument, because men remove themselves from the genesis of the issue.

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Kewl. So I can I start posting pictures of male monkeys, with pointed commentary on their attributes? Bet that will stay up.

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Filed under "too confusing to follow."

Am I missing something? The story doesn't seem to be there anymore.

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I don't understand those of you who think Ms. Bialik is *unattractive*. I'm not seeing it. Your standards are impossibly high. You must truly be ubergods whose blinding pulchritude would make any mortal cower with awe. I knew there was a reason I didn't post a picture of myself in my Monkeyfilter t-shirt. A pointless, forced post combined with mean-spirited cattiness. Home run!

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Oh, anyone have a basil recipe?

Ow, too much poetry here. What time is it? For me, it's never too soon, but it's usually too late. Oh, well.....

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OK, everyone bookmark this as THE REQUISITE GAWD-AWFUL CLOWN THREAD. Please resume normal activities. Thanks, and good night.

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Stop referring to them, please. It's a huge bore and I'm not interested in their gasping self-referential crap.

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Plus, "sikos" does not really refer to Greek people. But the rest of you are naughty.

What the hell? You shut your pervo yaps, sikos. Quit polluting this site with your male craptacular smegmatic worthless boy hoohaas emphasizing your questionable ascendancy. We are keenly aware of your sexual urgency, and the card's in the mail.

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