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Really sorry about your friend, Alnedra. My grandmother died of pancreatic cancer. As far as we were told, there wasn't much we could do: there's tons of stuff we don't understand about the pancreas, and that means we don't know how to effectively fight cancer there. Or at least it meant that in 2001.

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Yeah, I was sort of a died-in-the-wool Netscape user back then.. but 4.5+ was very buggy, and crashed more than IE. And then there was the 6.0 disaster. For a while I used Galeon. And since I thought myself hardcore, I would compile it, spending hours getting the dependencies right. And then Pheonix (since 0.2 or 0.3), which became Firebird, and Firefox after the database outcry, with some time spent with Opera.

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There's a possible confirmation bias (since I know a lot of them) but engineers tend to do this a lot (and most of them are male). It seems that people who are experts on some very technical subjects tend to think it makes them experts at everything.

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A cousin of mine is way into Tai Chi (much more than he is into law school). He sort of scared us when he spent last summer planting trees at a large Toronto Tai Chi place (for some master). His continuous praise of Tai Chi actually make it less likely that I ever start taking part, because he's the sort of guy who goes on and on and on about whatever he's into, even when it's not that great (see: the velvet underground), which kind of turns you off these things.

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Sadly, Davidoff in Montreal is closed now. (No more M. Cigares Davidoff à 60 piastres la passe) Any Monkeys in Ottawa? I might be willing to see that (the cigar boxes). Also, awesome from the Museum of Civilizations: Zoot suit riots.

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I guess I'll try to post about nicer people next time :P

Yeah, I tend to assume it's this other guy, and not Bennett, who's usually cool, who writes the stupid in.

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(Oh, and this applies to y'all A-seeking students. Your paper wasn't that good. And your getting a deadline extension (for everyone, I must admit) 24 hours before due date makes my staying up all night pointless. I know, I should get some kneepads and deal with it.)

Dear customer who is right. You're not, actually. Love, Another customer who actually wants to buy something.

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(oh, the security was for 9/11, I think (it started on the evening of 9/10 AFAIK). But I have not asked the school why, and with the events, it may stay that way for a while.

Well there was a reason we were chatting about that gomi -- Concordia had a whole lotta security on the downtown campus -- big dudes in suits everywhere you looked. It was (I think it still is) pretty sinister. Makes you feel like you're not very trustworthy, all them guys in uniform.

Yeah, I avoided the american stuff all day -- CBC and my own paper are good enough for me, thank you very much. They've seemed pretty reasonable in their coverage all day, except for the jackass question.

I study a few blocks from Dawson -- I was there just a week ago, and know a few alumni. My school's paper, The Link, has some coverage It was chaos pretty much all day here (classes were cancelled at UdeM but not Concordia) but it seems now that: 1) there was one suspect, canadian of canadian origin, who was shot by the police 2) one victim is dead, 6 are in critical condition, others severe or under observation. 3) the media are already starting to be jackasses (asking the minister if there should be armed guards in schools AS WE DIDN'T EVEN KNOW IF EVERYONE WAS SAFE YET). Seriously $journalist, fuck you.

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50 male, just like 6 months (or is it 12 or 18) ago.

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Well he could have had chosen better parents.

You know Alex... fuck the patriarchy. With broken glass. Etc. But at least, unlike Justin, Alex isn't just famous for being the son of a paranoid jackass.

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I copyedit student newspapers in French and English, I translate (guess what languages), I know a little bit about programming and computers and the internet. My expertise, though, lies in menial farm work. I weed like a motherfucker.

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TypographicalError: The lady, &c.

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Like Alnedra, my first girlfriend would wear makeup as a form of body armor. She wouldn't leave the house without some (tasteful) makeup. But last time I saw her, she had grown more confident and ditched it.

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These days, I get most of my random links from waxy, some shark and jwz

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