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Holy shit. This is a good site to explain why some people are photographers, and I am not.

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Boy, does she sing like ass. I wish you had warned us, Jane, I just had to do a flying dive for the off button of my speakers.

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Also, reading it again, the reek itself could come from an internal infection - especially because you are doing the exterior grooming for her and the reek isn't going away. She shouldn't have to be shaved not to reek, if you're grooming her that often.

Moneyjane, it's a bit concerning that it's risky to take your cats to the vet, because you'd lose your housing. Have you considered at what point the possible risks to the health and well being of the cats would be important enough for you to take the personal risk of taking them to the vet? (Believe me, I am not one of those ultra-animal-rights folks who would put the cats first every time. Having a properly housed moneyjane is certainly more important for a big part of that risk spectrum!) I would certainly take the cat to the vet myself in this situation. I've had 20lb cats that are able to "play the cello" as it were, and the fact that your slightly overweight cat can't - the lack of flexibility - might denote another problem, such as arthritis. Even if the cat's agile in other ways there may be some sort of hidden injury in the back. Remember it's much more difficult for an animal to express pain, and I'm sure you don't want yours to be in pain.

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And by one degree I mean direct knowledge - writing a book-o-interviews is a great way to meet people.

One degree: Noam Chomsky, George Galloway, Gloria Steinem, Ken Macleod, Dennis Kucinich, Harvey Pekar. Two degrees: George Bush. My uncle went to Andover with him. He was very very polite but his friends were not.

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Where is CJ Cherryh on you guys favorite lists? Bleah. And where's Ken Macleod in the Mundanes? Bleah.

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Bananas to all!

hugs to A_C and languagehat from a fanatical socialist with a libertarian streak. :)

Yay, Abiezer_Coppe, I was wondering what had happened to your good China posts. I need help! Can you please recommend me some relatively truthful accounts of the Chinese revolution and then the Cultural Revolution, or at least several accounts of little bias that I can average out? Thanx!

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Seconded, kim!

worrrgh, broken link. Baby raccoon

Sorry to contradict Jane, but PLEASE, never EVER handle wild animals. The cutefests could have ticks crawling all over them. There are also a host of diseases you could have gotten from that bite if it broke your skin - and even if it hasn't. Additionally, an animal can freak out at the slightest, completely random provocation and you could wind up hurting it in startlement, or vice versa. I work at a natural history museum. One day, a mom and her three ecstatic young daughters brought in four absolutely adorable baby raccoons that had fallen, one after another, through the woman's chimney! They rivalled the cuteness of your squirrels and made adorable chittering noises (calling for their mother). The wildlife director came up and lambasted the mom for bringing them in. Upon closer inspection the babies were CRAWLING with fleas. (The babies were brought to a wildlife rehabillitator).

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What sugarmilktea said.

and no, wedge, I'm not kidding, is there something wrong with wanting to meet a very cool poster? Please explain what's wrong with what I posted?

Not a lot, quidnunc. No response from jane yet :(

Hey Moneyjane, good luck with the attempt. derail: Do you ever meet other monkeys? You are one of my 2 favorite monkeys and I am going to Vancouver for this conference and I'd love to meet you. I also sent you an email to your blog-provided Gmail, as regards this request Vancouver-things-to-do-suggestions.

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