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Hi everyone - I spoke with a woman that works there and they are scheduled to begin construction on the new building at the end of this month. So it may be gone any day. If you're nearby it's worth the trip to check it out. The construction plans may get delayed and the org is looking for grants to support the place a little longer because it's drawn a lot of attention, more than they figured I think. I live around the corner and all day you see and hear people over there, cars honking at other cars that slow down as they pass - it's brought a really fun energy to the area.

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oops. That's "pics" of course. Not picks.... Spell check always correcting my slang.

These are all such great cameras to travel with. Inexpensive plastic little workhorses can make you vacation picks have a more interesting feel that may be more representative of your travels then the best digital camera.

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Oh most excellent. I'm sending this link to my boyfriend who has a number of project guitars around the house. The tutorials may help us sort through some of those boxes of "guitar parts."

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Oh yeah - I Bike Italy had a fun day trip through the Tuscan countryside outside Florence. Really beautiful and fun.

You might want to check out places like the Hospitality Club that offer advise and even free lodgings from locals. I've used it and gotten great advise on places I'm not familiar with when I'm traveling and had a few travelers stay in my guest-room at home as well.

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Yeah! That totally reminds me of a horror movie.... any second one of them is gonna turn slightly devilish and say "you're DEAD."

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A friend plays in a cajun band in and around Lafayette, La. One of the big stories he heard this year was about local troops in Iraq that managed to get a parade of humvees and military vehicles going. There's other stories that float around about this person or that one's cousin in Iraq that packed their accordion and/or fiddle when they got sent over.

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Wow! This is excellent. Thanks for posting.

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Thanks for posting this PY - I would have missed it otherwise. Very interesting link.

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I agree with Fes, Allen is very good. One think he touches on and that I've always found to be very helpful is for everything to have a place.

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Every few years a book like this is very popular and while this one is not as offensive as The Rules was it still spits out those same ideas that many people here have already touched on: *Men are lazy, selfish, simple-minded and more should not be expected of them. *Women are sad and lonely, waiting to be married. *Manipulative plotting works to get you what you want. But despite many (of us) disagreeing with these ridiculous myths many people still buy into them.

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. Thanks Artie. Here's a nice site with music samples and a nice bio if anyone's interested. Deaths in 2004 via wikipedia.

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well said moneyjane.

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Interesting article. By trying to ban the book from the entire grade's curriculum Minnon sparked a number of valuable debates regarding censorship, parental involvement in public education, as well as the issues within the book. I love how that works when someone is trying to suppress something. Yay for the principal standing behind the teacher and I'm glad Minnon is now actually reading this book. It is an unfortunate failure of her own education that this is the first time she had heard of this particular book.

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Wendell I'm sorry to hear about your dog. Lolypup is a fabulous name.

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This is a nice portrayal of the value of craft. I like how he does not want to connect the violins to money but what will happen to his collection after he passes away? Hopefully some sort of organization will continue to care for the instruments in the manner that Rashid does. Also does he mentor any sort of apprentices so that the skill of violin makers can continue? Thanks for the post.

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musingmelpomene and SideDish, most of the guests of the link's party DID donate to the ASPCA in honor of the dog. Did you read that before you decided to judge the idea behind a party I may or may not throw 2 years from now?

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Creepy stuff indeed. "Mammals are continually assaulted by parasites-- by lice, fleas, ticks, botflies, screwworms, and warbleflies-- that suck blood or lay their eggs in the skin. In response, mammals have evolved into obsessive groomers. The way a gazelle lazily flicks its tail and nuzzles its flank may look like the picture of peace, but it's actually in a slow-motion struggle against an army of invaders." -Parasite Rex: Inside the Bizarre World of Nature's Most Dangerous Creatures, by Carl Zimmer is an excellent book about many different creepy parasites if you're interested. I've been reading it since I found out about it on an episode of This American Life. On Preview fractilid's friend needs to post some video of said botfly...

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