In "just breath"

I was all set to be curmudgeonly, but it made me smile

In "Ninjas foil mugging! "

They foiled the robbery because they are trained ninjas. If the muggers were suddenly bum rushed by a group of regular guys the result would have been different how?

In "Chess Knight Movement Game"

Yahoo I am a world record holder.

In "Lucky for him, the camera was there"

I fully expected a punchline of stupid racist getting his crap beat out of him, but I can picture it in my head so I still laughed.

In "Tom Cruise Kills Oprah!"

rofl, so so awesome. I haven't laughed like that in a while.

In "Need a crazy supernatural movie to look forward to."

so desu ne

nutty: Interesting mix. Since Millenium was a spin off of X-Files wouldn't that make the result like tv show incest :P

In "Russian Astrologist Plans to Crash NASA’s Independence Day"

In news today: Crazy Person Angry at Government Agency

In "Japan #1, USA #2 in hours of TV watched per person per day"

I am with beeswacky, the US was robbed

In "Pretty in Pink"

I am scared, somebody hold me

In "Get Perpendicular!"

rofl, long live Super Actuator Man. But when did we start measuring data capacity by number of songs. I need things to be measured in Library of Congress units or I will never understand the scope of this.

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Coolness. I knew I recognized that guy from somewhere and looking through the website I see they have done quite a few of these. I need unexpected musicals at my work place.

In "The Scene."

weird the "via /." shows correctly in preview and comments but not on the main page?

In "Those wacky geniuses at Google are at it again: Google Sets"

To easily get the large icons with the small ones when saving GoogleX locally I found a zip file. I tried to look at the source to locate them when I realized I don't know javascript.

In "Curious George: What's the deal with Deadwood?"

The creators had a choice between recreating the vernacular or the atmosphere. Either way would have been a valid choice. IMHO atmosphere (emphasizing the crudity of the population via modern language) is more important to the story.

In "Those wacky geniuses at Google are at it again: Google Sets"

That Google Groups link yielded this backup of GoogleX. I like.

In "Curious George: What's the deal with Deadwood?"

At the risk of being long winded here is a favourite moment in the 1st or 2nd episode from 1st season. Bullock and Swearengen are talking business. Bullock obviously doesn't like Swearengen. Bullock says something. Swearengen trying to cut to get to the meat of Bullock's statement says something like "So what you are saying . . .". Bullock like a creaking pressure cooker states "Dont you FUCKING put words in my mouth". That FUCKING was delivered so perfectly it was like a shot of hot boiling water escaping from the pressure cooker. Bullock didn't otherwise move but you knew he wanted to throw Swearengen to the ground and beat him until he stopped moving. Big emotions, iron grip.

A good essay on Deadwood's profanity. To sum it up the the profanity is inaccurate, but only for the words not the amount (there is only one Lady in the whole town!). Back then religon not sex was the taboo ground, so hell and GD were the stand by curses. I agree w/ the essay that if they had used the old curses they would have sounded like Yosimte Sam, comical, which is the opposite of the desired affect. As for the show it is excellent. I watched the first four episodes of season 1 and was bored so I stopped. When I found how historically accurate the show is I tried a couple more. Then I recognized how deep the characters were. Everybody with their own drives and motives. Quite entrancing. I would expect Bullock to act stiffly in such a situation. He is the type who tries to keep an iron grip on his emotions. As such his stiffness shows his characters stress. The moments when his emotions overwhelm him are awesome. Think angry god full of retribution.

In "My Dinner at Applebee's with White Supremacists."

This just in from the Onion: Klan Rally 70 Percent Undercover Reporters

In "Computer Boy"

Some parts were very funny such as Neo being "bugged". This would have been so much better if it was a lot shorter. After about 15 min I just started skimming the scenes to the end.

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