In "If I can't fly with the penguins..."

I love those panda's to death

In ""Whatever you do, don't mention the War.""

Oh, right. Tracy made me come here. I might be Dutch, but that doesn't mean I want to be associated with football fans. Though concidering the nationalism/chauvinism that usually ensues in lots of countries during sporting-events between nations, I am seeing a point here. Though I doubt it is the point the empty-headed football fans had in mind. But on a more annalitic note, I asume it's just the younger generation finally standing up to the older generation, saying "Yes, war was horrible, and things like that should never ever happen again, we get that. But could you now please stop feeling sorry for yourself, stop bothering us with it every day of your life and let us get on with our lifes and leave 60 years ago 60 years ago." We make fun of other horrible wars that happened in the past, why not of this one?

In "Zombies descend on American Idol auditions in Texas shouting "Television rots your braaaaaaaiiiins.""

The pop-star wannabes were largely unimpressed. "I don't get it," said Jacob Gandia, a singer. Hahahah.

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In "Baywatch gone awry."


In "A cell phone just for her." "-Enables use of the vibrate feature" Uuurrr.... :oS

In "Curious George: fat cat problem."

My sister has the same problem. Sadly to say, I don't know how and if they solved it... I think they had the two cats eat in turn in a closed off room.

In "Curious words:"

The Dutch "gezellig" springs to mind. I have not found a way to express that word with all it's vibes and properties in an English word. (wiki)

In "Grocery Store Wars."

How lame...

In "How well do you know your anatomy?"

Hmmm, 7 out of 10, but some of the musle pictures were quite ambigious I thought... and small...

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In "I shouldn't check the news before lunch."

Ewww yuck...

In "Get Perpendicular!"

Oh man, that's hilarious!

In "What with the Pope dead"

Are there any patron saints for prostitutes?

In "Fuck a Duck"

That reminds me of this...

In "In what year was your first name most popular? "

Meh, it doesn't know my name.

In "Just in case atom bombs fall"

It's nice you can trust the government to tell the truth...

In "To Bell the Cat? "

The only time we tried to put a collar on our cat, within the day she had her front-paws stuck between the collar and her neck. I tell you, it's not a joyfull thing to do, trying to get a terrified cat unstuck. My mother bore the scars for several weeks.

In "Place the State"

Hmmm, 62% / 317 mile avarage error. And 82% / 91 miles on the second run. Oh, yes, I am not from the US either.

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