In "Leonard Cohen, happy at last?"

this made me tear up in hope

In "Sol"

his gemoertical work, is so holy, it reminds me of buddhist monks making mandelas, and the colour work is so joyou. He was one of the few artists who i was geniunely excited to see what happened next

In "And the winner is..."

this is weird, isnt the feeling that hes like 25 yrs behind his time and he made one building that was worth talking about? im shocked he didnt win in the 70s ase

In "Court Martial"

I am not sure, when you sign up for this kind of institution, you can say no. Which has always struck me as an excellent reason for avoiding this kind of institution.

In "Lost-and-Found Tiwari"

i think that the people who are truly doing god's work, are people who find a moral task and complete it with duty and without fame for decades. this man is a saint

In "New-look Archie Comics"

The manga thing for sabrina worked, because of demographics, already present rebranding (the cartoon, the tv show) and the connections b/w certain titles and the over all themes of sabrina--good move well executed. The problem (well one of many) problems with the Veronica/Ronnie is that the art is awful, and well doesn't rip off DeCarlo anymore (DeCarlo was brilliant, better w. no clothes than kids comix, but okay)

In "Dude"

how can you smoke a meter long joint?

In "The police appear to have trouble"

ive been tasered in the middle of a seizure before, after an incident on the edmonton transit busses, where one of the secuirty workers thought she heard something, I was arrested, and then fell and went seizures don't result in the twitching, they are closer to a catatonic state, the cop who arrested me thought i was doing the go limp and dont move protest thing, and hit me with the stungun...unpleasent.

In "My favorite photoblog."

Eye Control, Joey Harrisons work in and around Toledo, is just gorgeous.

In " Boys beware!"

how come cheap gay sex cant be that easy for me to find...i mean ive been in parks, and gotten into strangers cars, and no ready blojobs... moral hygenine fims from the 50s lied to me!

In "Friedman Is Dead @ 94"

His interest in legalizing drugs and sexwork is not out of care for the injustices these prohibitions cause, but out of a belief that: a) the market can cure everything b) everything is for sale

In "A personal library is an X-ray of the owner's soul."

Kramers Ergot vol. 2 Dave Hickey Air Guitar Edward Schilebecklx(sp) The Eucharist Thomas Waugh Out/Lines Gay Graphix before Stonewall Heartbraks by the Number Bill Friscks Warren

In "Curious George: Scary ghosts."

though a bit more artsy than most, the others was the only ghost story in recent memory that really struck me as both new and incredibly sad (not quite scary, but it gut me)

In ""You know, I think I'd like to see a hippo on one of those.""

This excites me, deeply.

In "Wacky Brazilian Pay Phones"

the cupacabra(sp) makes me deeply happy.

In "Pic of Prince Harry groping a blonde"

if only he would touch me that way

In "Jews For Jesus"

how do legitmate xians handle the jewish history of their faith then, or the concept of the messiah? (honest question, i am not fond of JoJ by any stretch, but tehy force the question)

Old Testament hermenutics and discussion of Christ's messiahood seems out of favour among left-liberal academic circles these days, and i wonder if Jews for Jesus is a way of correcting those abscenses. (sp) Also, where do they get their cash?

In "Curious George can't get simple concepts."

aside from not knowing left or right (and i thot i was the only one), i have no sense at all of the cardinal directions.

In "McDonalds - Global Sanctum?"

one of the more interesting things about mcdonalds, is that outlaw journalists who are working in authortatian or semi authortarian countires, or activists, often use it, because it is not under surrevaliance, and its easy to find. (including china)

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