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*cries* For a variety of reasons, none articulate, nor articulable, just. *cries*

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Just thought I'd mention two things: 1, that the two words, "increased sensation", which I came across in some textbook or other, in relation to males who have not been circumcised, that those two words have bothered me for over ten years whenever I have occasion to think of my having been circumcised, which is oftener than I would have thought had my case been anothers'; 2, this, which is a self-link, but mentions labia, heh.

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Wow. It didn't ever occur to me he could die. Crap.

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So, like, there's these two elephants, right, and they're running around in the jungle, okay, and it's hot, right, so they get all sweaty because they're all running around, right, so, okay, they get dirty because it's the jungle and because it's the jungle, okay, the dirt is mud and plus they're sweaty, and so they decide to take a bath. So, right, okay, they go to the river, okay, to take a bath, right, and then they're there in the river okay, right, and then one, he's scrubbing his like elephant armpits except he's an elephant so no arms, right, and okay, he asks the other, right, can you, okay, right, pass the soap? And the other elephant says, he says, right, no soap, radio! Okay? Okay? Right!

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Bees, you know that you've just made a colossal mistake giving away that you write (semi-)extended prose as well... now twelve thousand monkeys will be all over you begging for the sequel, or the expansion, or the prequel, or the script for the tv serial.

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Just want to say, a little late, that what clf said, like yeah.

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Unemployed, newly resident in Portland. 26 years old, born in Arlington, Virginia, home of Warren Beaty and Scott Rockenfield (the drummer for Queensr├┐che), attended St. John's College, Annapolis and University of Chicago, looking for a job, lived a little in Russia and in Turkey, would like a job, has a B.A. and a M.A. and am unemployed, if I hadn't mentioned.

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Also, nice link, AR!

Glad to be back, all. Am all moved in into new apartment, and have got the DSL 24-7. Yee-haw!

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Pictures... *drools*

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And, consider this in re: November. Thanks to the Poor Man.

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Oh! I listened to Joy Division, painted my fingernails, cut myself with razors, wore black, and shaved my head!

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Sex and xenophobia, indeed - fucking raging antisemites gratify exquisite sadism!

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Actually, I think the error may be original to the book - it was one of my favorite books as a kid, and it was only just now, searching the text for "Tim" that I thought that he might not have had a name. Regardless, there are a lot of good books there, and that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Heh heh. Ooops.

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Crap! I knew I should have stole the credit card and made shameful purchases in the name of another but I feared retribution! Alas and alack!

I fell asleep immediately on the other party immediately after sex and started snoring.

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