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It was not until June 19th, 1965 that the last slaves in the United States were to learn that they had been freed. I think you meant "June 19, 1865".

In "One girl was killed and another in a coma after an accident."

It's astounding, but I guess it's possible that this could have happened. It blows my mind that in five weeks it never occurred to the Van Ryns that the girl they were caring for was not their daughter, but I've heard that people in comas do look dead.

In "Would any Toronto Monkeys like to play volleyball on Wednesday nights for the next seven weeks?"

Oh joy! OH JOY!!!!!!!! I sent the league a message entitled, "I wish I could quit you, volleyball," which related the specifics of my horrible experience and asked how I could withdraw from the team without letting my teammates down. Here’s the response I got: Hey [Orange Swan], Oh dear. What a terrible sounding experience. We certainly never want our members feeling this way. I can withdraw your registration and refund your fee. I wouldn't worry about leaving the team in a pickle as we have people looking to play all the time and there were probably some people absent last night. I'll put forth the paper work for you today - a refund will be done to your card within 7 - 10 business days. I do hope you'll sign up with us again (perhaps try something else) - over 12,000 people play with our league and are happy, so we must do something right! We'll get you in the right spot, I promise! Cheers, [sports league employee who is obviously a lovely woman] Problem solved more than satisfactorily!!!!! I am so happy I could... almost be willing to play volleyball and not mind. But not quite.

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Could have been a bit earlier, maybe in the profile? Save us both some time, and me a few credits? Aah, but then there wouldn't have been the ego-stoking... Did she check the "prefer not to say" option on the "have children" question in her profile? I always assume everything but the "have none" option means the person has children - and that the "prefer not to say" option means he not only has children but is dissembling about it.

Skin the colour of frozen chicken?! Humph. I much prefer the term "glow-in-the-dark-white".

Capt. Renault, I swear I posted that comment BEFORE I knew you'd actually made that mistake in your profile.

My favourite mistake on lava is people writing that they're looking for someone who will "compliment my life". My stars, what a beautiful life you have!

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A few weeks back I was sitting in a pub waiting for friend to show up and I heard one guy holding forth at the bar about how sure, the Liberals were corrupt but the Conservatives wouldn't be any better in that respect while being worse in terms of being a bunch of reactionary rednecks who would make bad decisions. I smiled to myself at the time because I felt I was listening to the mouth of Central Canada, and that, as this guy predicted, we were headed for another Liberal minority government. I hope this will be the case, but the Conservatives are running an frighteningly effective campaign. Those "stand up for Canada" Conservative Party commercials leave me yelling at my TV. I can only hope they aren't really as effective with the unthinking types as I fear they are.

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I have to admit, my reaction is less the kind I would prefer (intellectual curiosity and a desire to research and understand more about this species) than a knee jerk "I don't care what you call it or what becomes of it - just keep that thing away from me."

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At first I was a little disgruntled when I saw that it was actual knitting pattern photos. I figured it would just be a matter of some outdated photos/personal taste. But no! This truly is a gallery of knitting horror. That professionals made on purpose.

In "Curious George: In what order should I read the _Chronicles of Narnia_?"

are you sure about the fate of thelipstick/nylons character? It seems to me she doesn't go to Hell, she just lives out her life in the normal world without being a 'friend of Narnia'. This is correct. At the end of The Last Battle, all the characters instead of Susan get to Aslan's country - Polly, Digory, Peter, Lucy, Edmund, and their parents, plus Eustace and Jill (who went to Narnia first) because they were killed in a train accident in "our" world. Eighteen-year-old Susan would have been the only remaining member of her family left alive. I adored these books as a kid, though I have to admit they aren't the best children's literature. I found the religious stuff pretty easy to ignore. Hell, it has plenty of Roman and Greek mythological characters in it too, as well as Santa Claus, and I don't hear anyone complaining about that.

In "Cameron Diaz at the Reebok Human Rights Awards:"

Lately I've been crankily longing for the days when the studios took nobodies, changed their names, manufactured a persona for them, and sent them out into the world disallowed from saying or doing anything that wasn't scripted. I just...think I liked that better. How about... we don't pay to see crap movies, we don't buy celeb mags like People, and we don't pay any attention to celebs unless they actually say or do something worthwhile? Societies get the culture they deserve.

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This is just soooooo Meta.

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WHAT WOULD YOU DO ON A FIRST DATE THAT'S TURNING SOUR? ( 1 ) I'd run home and play dead. The next day I would call all the newspapers and make sure they wrote about me in all the dead columns. --Craig, age 9 Oh, trust me, the thought has occurred to me.

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What an amazing idea. Some people are just breathtakingly cool.

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[retches on keyboard] A high school teacher of mine said he once found a cow's eye in a tin of corned beef. I never ate tinned corned beef again. And I used to like it.

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Those pictures are lovely on every level, SideDish. Congratulations!

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Even Mefite bitches revere a clever epigram.

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I have seen kids that turn out to be much more mature than their parents. I hope this will the case. What are the odds of this?

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Are you an American? If not, STFU. posted by fuyugare at 12:34PM UTC on April 13, 2005 Wow. And I bet you're the first person to start screaming whenever that "ugly American" phrase comes up. Hey, if the stereotype fits... I really don't understand why Hillary Clinton is perceived as being hated, and I do believe she has a good shot. Look at all the crap Bill Clinton got, and he got elected, twice. I'd like to see her run with Obama as her VP. I'm afraid Jeb will run, though, and get in. But it is too soon to call this. There are going to be candidates we haven't even heard of popping out of the woodwork over the next three years.

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