In "The Blessing of a Good Skirt."

I look forward to seeing this in the next J. Peterman catalogue.

In "It's finally here!!"

Women's soccer would have been almost pantsless (like beach volleyball) if Sepp had got his way.

Spain to defeat the Dutch in the final. Argentina takes third over England (after penalties, of course).

In "Nooooooooooooooo!"

DO NOT WANT!!!!! Just had to say that. Back to my regularly scheduled lurk.

In "Stereotypes of readers by author"

What would fans of Candice Sams be? Toe-licking sycophants?

In "My daddy said the movie made his soul sick and he wants his money back."

Another opinion.

In "Reviews. Of potato chips."

I really need to get my hands on those Walkers Chili and Chocolate chips. (At least I think I do, maybe some British monkeys know otherwise.)

In "Curious George: Windows vs. Mac"

Check out Lifehacker for linux alternatives to windows/mac software. They recommend songbird to replace itunes.

If you're looking at Windows, wait until Vista has vanished beyond the horizon later this year, and at least the early reviews of the official release of Windows 7 are out. The betas are quick and shiny, but who knows what MS will stick in the final version. You could experiment with Ubuntu in the meantime. I've been trying it out, and while I'm not ready to make it my main OS, it's not as user hostile as I'd feared. While I have friends who swear by Macs, I haven't drunk the koolaid. They're OK, but I don't think the Apple premium is worth it for what I need.

In "Electricity Pylons Inspired by Nature,"

My thoughts exactly. Or astrophysicists.

In " Space storm alert: 90 seconds from catastrophe."

The comments after that article prove that there are too many idiots on the internet. But we knew that already, didn't we?

In "The Simpsons rip off = child porn."

What will the organizers of London 2012 do now?

In "OJ Simpson is going to jail"

Are we supposed to have heard of this "OJ" Simpson?

In "The Slanket"

In a way, it reminds me of these, as long as we're discussing silly concepts.

In "Saving Buffalo’s Untold Beauty."

Buffalo and western New York seem to be an anomaly in that a fair amount of the local economy lately has been made up of foreigners (Canadians) hitting the malls. Unfortunately for this part of the country; strong USD=empty parking lots. Although the loonie is up some 4c this week, so if it holds, then it may yet be happy holidays, (at least for the merchants at Galleria).

In "No it's not what you think."

Well, actually Ralph, P was a teenager when he saw that 90 degree angle thing, and Jesus sent him back in time so he could claim the credit, in exchange for his post-dated soul. (I'm pretty sure I read that in one of the Apocrypha books. Or the Gnostic bible. Something like that.)

In "Curious George: Hip Business Name? "

Why not FairyWench? I'd think either Celtic or Victorian rather than southwest though.. Oh, and parents might not want that across their daughters' bums.


Race will cease to be important when CNN stops asking what this means for the African-American community. He won't be as progressive as we hope and will be disappointing many of his idealist supporters who want massive change immediately - he indicated as much in his speech last night - but the world should be a better place with the demise of the neo-cons.

In "Yma Sumac, the "Peruvian Songbird" and "Nightingale of the Andes", is dead at 86."

Captain. You seem to start a disproportionate number of death FPPs. I'm getting suspicious.

In "Curious George the ebay n00b."

When you check the seller's feedback, negative comments are more useful than positive ones. Never buy from someone who only ships UPS. (UPS has their own exorbitant fee when shipping to Canada). DHS is also expensive. Be prepared to pay up to 20% more than the price, since Paypal's conversion rates are fairly poor, and Canada Post and the CCRA may take a cut. (Sometimes they do, sometimes they don't.) Check some of the local domains:,, etc. in addition to the main one. You can use Paypal with a credit card for an extra level of protection, or use a prepaid credit card if you really don't want to use your regular one.

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