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'Married Homeowner' OMFG Theatre Actor, Music Lover, Country Singer Toronto Born on a stormy Tuesday afternoon way back in 1964 in Niagara Falls, Ont. The next year my oldest sister saw the Beatles play Maple Leaf Gardens. In 1982 I saw the Clash open for the Who @ Rich Stadium in Buffalo. On pills.
Lived: Niagara Falls, Niagara-on-the Lake too, Toronto
Travelled: Prairies,Maritimes, Quebec, As far west as Swift Current SASK, Many States of the Union, Old Mexico, Isle of Man/Dublin, East Bavaria/Czech Republic...
Want to travel to: Newfoundland, British Columbia, Nashville/Memphis, New Orleans again, London, Scandinavia, Australia, Mojave Desert, Kathmandu, Mexico again...New York again... really want to drive west across Canada again. SO SHOULD YOU ! IT'S F'N UNREAL, EH?
Have had enough : OTHER PEOPLE'S BASS IN MY FACE, Exhaust, Shitheads with pets, Sept. the 11th, etc..
Can't get enough : Cheebus, Del McCoury Band, Beer these days !, Animals, Certain Humans, Attention, Home Cookin', (Xmas? I can never remember what I want for Xmas!)
My advice to you: Drive to the country. Burn a fat one. Check things out. Buy a pie. Go home. Eat pie. Repeat.
I Want: World Peace, and an iPod. Period. For Xmas. Now I Remember!!!

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