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Here's my method: 1. Work the neatsfoot into the glove using your hands. Do it evenly and liberally. The leather will soak up a lot of it, so apply it until the glove's dryness is gone. 2. Kick it around in the dirt. Slam it against a wall. Twist it and contort it. Definitely run over it repeatedly with the car (the neighbors will be sure to think you're mad). 3. Play catch with it. A lot. 4. While idling away the evening hours watching TV, repeatedly pop a ball into the glove's pocket. 5. Overnight, put a ball into the glove and wrap it tightly with either big rubber bands or bungee cords. 6. Repeat as needed. And be sure to teach him to pitch left-handed. Lefties are a valued commodity!

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Nellie on Little House on the Prairie.

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Same with me. I'm still here, but every time I think of some half-assed comment to post, I get distracted. Maybe that's a plus.

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The Awakening up the road from me is pretty cool. And apparently it's for sale.

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The next day, I went to use the camera and the plastic part of the control panel on the back had separated from the body of the camera Is it possible he didn't realize that he broke it? You should definitely talk to him, but take this into consideration.

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I thought about this post while I was watching the fireworks go off over George Mason U. about a half a mile from here. Damn, what an amazing ride we're having. You got tickets to go with those reservations?

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I've always hated wearing a ring, but now that I'm married, I wear one. The ring is somewhat uncomfortable (especially in warm weather--the dreaded hot dog fingers), but I wear it anyway. It's respectful to my spouse and it's also a symbol of my pride in my marriage. But if it bothers you enough that you have to post anonymously on the internet about it, you must talk to him. Sit him down. Let it all out. I don't think he really understands how you feel. Nor do you understand how he feels, for that matter.

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ian and queso: keep us posted on how your business goes! (And queso, let me know if you hook up with any good printing or advertising contacts...)

Much like you, I quit my full-time job and I started my own business about two years ago. I write and produce newsletters for Realtors and mortgage bankers (shameless plug: Left Field Media Publications). Although I’ve only been somewhat successful, I can offer you a few pieces of general advice: - Customer service, customer service, customer service! In the Big World of Products and Services, I’ve found that people like hands-on personal service. If that means giving a hefty discount or working an extra 10 hours on a minor detail for a client, so be it. No matter how good your product/service is, thousands of other companies are offering the same thing and the best way to retain clients is through service. - Keep your expenses down. I love office supplies, but I learned quickly that I couldn’t go out and buy the high-end fancy digital mailing scale under the pretense that I could just write it off as a business expense. An expense cuts into the bottom line, no matter what. - Word of mouth is the best advertising, but if you want to go the search engine route, Google Adwords and Yahoo! Sponsored Search are quite effective in reaching a lot of people—as long as you’re willing to pay for the clicks on your website (actually, since you’re web-savvy, I’m sure you know of other alternatives). - Don’t be afraid to set your rates high. Potential clients will think your product/service is the best of the best. It’s a lot easier and more palatable to clients to lower your rates than it is to raise them. Trust me. If you’re not getting enough clients, offer discounts off your regular rates. - If you’re working from home, stay off the internet as much as you can, keep the Coronas on ice at least until 4 pm, and don’t play golf three times a week. Yeah, it’s tough sometimes. Beyond that, stay organized and don't get discouraged if business is slow. Starting my own business has been the most rewarding challenge in my life and I highly recommend it to everyone (except, of course, those who want to start their own Realtor and mortgage banker newsletter business...). And once again: Customer service! Good luck, Queso!

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Definitely go see the Pandas if you can. Also, if you're into museums, my three favorite ones are the Spy Museum near the MCI Center, the Holocaust Museum (warning: exceedingly emotional), and the Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center (the Air and Space Museum that polychrome mentioned) where you can stand 20 feet underneath the Enola Gay and wonder. Oh, and definitely see the Vietnam Veteran's Memorial like tracicle said and I second her sentiments about the Washington Monument--it's closed sometimes, so go up it if you can. And if you're into hockey, go see Ovechkin play. He's amazing and tickets are easy to come by.

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1. Sommeliers everywhere. 2. Get rid of that horribly annoying practice at chain restaurants of waiters sitting down at your table when they take your order. 3. Nicer employees and nicer patrons.

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moneyjane, this is for you: From Meanwhile, a trio of dolphins moved from the aquarium to a hotel swimming pool is said to be doing fine. And a little bittersweet: At the Holiday Inn in Gulfport, children and adults, some with washcloths and soap, crowded into a swimming pool that housed dolphins from a local marina during the storm. It's always darkest before the dawn.


They said he "ruined the relief show" here. West: "They're saying black families are looting and white families are just looking for food...they're giving them permission to shoot us..." Wow. We all need healing. And we need it sooner than later.

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I think so. And you were the one who didn't invite Koko.

Much like Bernockle, I just sent out a buttload of invitations two weeks ago and some folks weren't invited because a) they accidentally fell off somewhere in the 274 re-drafts of The Guest List, or b) it became a numbers game and I couldn't invite everyone. If it's because I forgot them, then I hope someone--them or someone else--will mention it to me. We also had a rule: if neither my fiance nor I had talked to an individual in the last year, then they were off the list. Of course, this isn't helping you much, Koko. I guess what I'm trying to say is: he either honestly forgot you or else he doesn't consider you in the same light you consider him. To make up for it, you can come to my wedding, Koko. You'll have to sit with the kitchen help, though.

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As a child, I had me a plastic Eagle model kit from Space 1999 and after looking at those photos, I became quite wistful. Great post, dng.

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I was drunk. The Game Show Network was on in the background. That's all I know.

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Las Vegas now has more of my money than any other city.

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Whether you're right or wrong about your feelings, the fact remains that you are shaking, ready to cry, and completely uncomfortable, to say the least. That right there is enough for you to ask them to hit the road. You don't need any more reason.

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Plus all of this talk about the so-called 'Nats', my beloved Expos, mon pauvre Expos, well, it's all left me feeling a little glum. Sorry, Capt. Renault. I wanted a team here, but I didn't want to have someone else's team. My condolences.

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