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Nobody's sure where I'm at. Clap hands.
I'm 31 years old, male, wear glasses, married, one son, no pets. I live in Hawai'i. I use moped for transport, which is one of the thousand reason I like Hawai'i more than the mainland.
I'm a student at UH. I'm currently majoring in Phil, but I might change that to just about anything. I go to school on GI Bill, that I got from being in the USN as a nuke mechanic.
Before I joined the navy I held alot of odd jobs. The coolest job I had was phone psychic, for 8 months. I've also done some animal rescue, which I got into because of my experience with brids and reptiles. There's alot of other jobs, most not as interesting.
Moved around alot as a kid. I used to have a goal of visiting every state in the US, since I was already well on my way there. After I hit about 35 states I realized that the goal was kinda dull: "I haven't been to Arkanss? Oh no!" So now I'm interested in getting some world travel. After graduation, I may teach English for a year or so in Japan.
I read alot. Fiction, I trend towards Sci-fi, but also enjoy horror and fantasy. Non-fiction, I trend towards math and political, but also enjoy history, philosophy, and religion. I really enjoy reading the history of math and science. I believe that Discordianism is the opposite of the Sub-Genius. Sub-Genius is a joke disguised as a religion, while Discordianism is a religion disguised as a joke.

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