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Why does Commish always get the best numbers? I mean 123 - I ask you!

Unless they can link to a comment on Metatalk which directly addresses the identity question - or respond to an e-mail address posted on their MeFi user pages -then I think it's safe to assume they aren't who they purport to be. It's also a bit self-defeating, not only for the real identities here but also for those Mefites who've chipped in because they genuinely back your effort and enjoy Monkeyfilter for what it (already) is, regardless of MeFi. Just my two centavos.

tracicle: If even Matt Haughey can't post with his usual username, it might be a good idea to nix all the doppelganger accounts. It was funny to start with, but if MonkeyFilter is going places, as it clearly seems to be, surely frivolous identity confusions should be reduced to the absolute mininum.

If I may be permitted a spell of sentimentality, I find it very moving that wendell, one of the MetaFilter pioneers, should give his blessing - and drive - to this deserving website. MonkeyFilter has accomplished in a few days what the other Filter clones have never been able to attain. And it has changed MetaFilter, by pressing for the reopening of new memberships, much for the better. Congratulations are in order. I just hope, when you all get in, you won't be so ungrateful and/or forgetful to stop posting here, as it has an engaging personality all of its own, imo.

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Consider yourself closely monitored from now on, Mickey. :) Thanks, Pandemic! (What about small tags, without which us obsessives would feel, well, just about downright nekkid?) Hi fellow newbie, amberglow - have we met before? I have this vague memory of a bar mitzah gone way, way too far... Still, musn't let these young 'uns make too much fun of us over-the-hillers, right?

Wonderful old-timer usage of advanced html is further proof of authenticity.

Heh. With a grrr! to go. I should like to point out that, although this MiguelCardoso guy says the sorts of things I'd say (for which many thanks), I shall be posting here with a space between my names. As authentication, I refer my hosts to my recent comment on MeTa. I will, of course, assume the debts of my namesake - namely one glass of fine port for pizzasub. But that's it! ;)

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Great post, homunculus! Fancy seeing you here! Dng: I remember that article and have linked to it before, but couldn't find it either. There are several "bush meat" websites - here's one of the best.

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