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Yay, shotsy's back for more! And I just might be too. Not sure yet. Hmmmmmm.

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I'm a teenager, I smoke, nobody "made" me do it but myself, and I'm completely sane. I'm not sure what else to say, or how to say it.

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klausness, are you sure? my gmail can't find anything from you, although since you didn't list an email address it's harder for me to look. if i did overlook you, i'm really really sorry, but right now i can't find anything.

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by the way, i'll be there.

/blows kisses at nickdanger

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i'm bronzing that comment.

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coooooooolllll! i <3 meteors/meteorites! thanks boney and wolof....the party fianally wound down (4am. ish.) much fun! yay monkeys!


jesus. is nothing sacred.

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Alnedra, that's the hottest thing I've ever seen here on MoFi. 'Fraid I got nothing. Best of luck, obviously. Hang in there!

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p.s. everyone should come to the bbq!

happy birthday sexy!!!!! hahahahahaa... yeah, i'm here in LA right now soaking up the palm trees and having a grand old time... and i'm with sexyrobot right now! so yeah. not talked to you monkeys in a long time, how are you all?

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never mind.

I'll be there. heh.

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AND i'm gonna miss the summer solstice hotttness. honestly, what are you people trying to do to me. its cool patita... and i will definitely be in austin sometime this summer. have fun you guys!

to clarify further, if it was anytime between, like, a week later and the end of august, i'd be there in a flash.

Correction: I'm in Dallas, the day after I get back.

DAMMIT. I'm in LA, at a meetup.

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Temperature outside today. 81 degrees. Temperature in the office today. 87 degrees. Muffpub is VERY unhappy.

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)))))))))))))))))))))))))))) SideDish!!! Is it just me or does it look like she's evaporating here?

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