In "The Daily Kitten"

wow BlueHorse that's so funny, I call Bella "Smelly Belly Bag o'Trix" all the time! it was one of her first nicknames :)

mr medusa & I adopted a kitty!!! introducing Bellatrix

In "A Special Christmas Message for everyone trying to keep the Holidays Holy"

wendell I am pretty sure you were already on santa's permanent naughty list! happy holidays :)

In "A new species is emerging in Canada and New England: "

I must agree that wolfote is the proper term. also that pic...damn that doggie looks scary!

In "YES!!"

ah! any story in which chthulu [sic] appears is a heartwarmer to me!!

In "Archaeologists have discovered what they believe is man's earliest map, dating from almost 14,000 years ago."

mmmm I love the smell of archaeology in the morning. seriously, this is awesome interesting news, thanks for the post!!!

In "All Eat All."

'intellectual' wow!

In "Sexy tattooed librarians"

sarah palin is too stupid looking to proper convey the naughty librarian look. now me, on the other hand...

In "Dog Malfunction"

"a hideous little stained poodle dog masticating its own tongue in a deranged manner and ululating like an angry duck with a cleft palate" is totally my new band name

In "Social Security number code "cracked""

glad I'm old

In "Curious George: Online teaching resources"

I dont have any specific advice (altho I have worked with that population in the long past) I just want to say that you are embarking on a really challenging and very important task and you deserve the utmost for what you are doing. good luck!! dont let those wacky tweens drive you insane :)


very cool!!! the thing about the wallabies is just...weird!

In "Eh? What? Wait on, sonny, let me get my ear trumpet."

heehee as someone hard of hearing its also a great way to let people know they need to speak up!!! what?

In "Newly Discovered Iron-breathing Species Have Lived In Cold Isolation For Millions Of Years."

ummm....didnt John Carpenter already warn us about this sort of thing?????

In "Electricity Pylons Inspired by Nature,"

yes Raoul, they seem even more alien-inspired than the traditional ones...

In "Through a century of work and 170km"

oohh that is awesome!

In "A small bat"

or should I say, batnanas???

that is very lovely, PA. a bunch of leathery black bananas to you!!

In "Know your meme."

hmmm...I cannot see any comments...this is a test.

In "Ice cream stealing birds."

seriously, am I the only one who never forgets that birds = modern dinosaurs. be happy they're just stealing your ice cream, people! also, yes, a hitchcock cameo would be extremely awesome

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