In "Bad bad fashion."

Watch out, here comes the political correctness..

In "Singh, the man with the hat, Marwari, the horse with the ears"

Oh yeah, I forgot rule #1 at MoFi: people are humorless sourpusses here.

mm nice, horsemeat.

In "Valve publishes statistics from players of Half Life 2: Episode 1, collated using Steam."

Zoom in on her face? It's all about the t'n'a, that's all I'm saying. And yes, it is a game completed in less than 10 hours. For the very reasonable price of $19.99. It's not meant to be a fully new Half-Life Game, it's an episode.

In "Artists interpreting preschoolers interpreting Disney"

...and how much do the children get? That's a cheap way to get some inspiration...

In "Arabs take over at 6 US Ports"

this is pure xenophobia.

In "Curious, George: Any Monkeys still use a darkroom?"

Save yourself the agony, and buy a digital camera...

In "Grand Canyon Trip"

Why not go to the north rim instead of the south rim, it is less touristy than the south rim. I believe you can park your car at the lodge. Not sure about long-term parking. Also you should probably visit the information center at the entrance of the park, they'll have lots of info on camping I'm sure...

In "Twelve-year-old Baby Confuses the Hell Out of Everyone "

Seen it elsewhere, and from a legit source. Kid is seriously ill though.

In ""

I thought this meme died 300 years ago...

In "Share files, get 3 years in jail"

Also, a book I recommend for everyone to read on the topic of copyright laws and filesharing: "Free Culture", by Lawrence Lessig. Although no doubt many people here will have read it already.

moneyjane that's easier said then done. Overenthusiastic fans who are thinking they can't be caught will keep doing this. They could download the movies/music from filesharers outside of the US where laws are way more relaxed (for example the Netherlands, where I'm from) and the die hard fans won't be able to wait. On top of that- this may be an indication of things to come. At least we know how the idiot president thinks about the topic now (although that's not a big surprise).

In "Hubristic CEOs Actually Suck?"

...and at all times protect your red stapler.

In "The Narrative"

He does take good pictures. But he could improve his work by taking a course about documentary photography to give them more meaning.

In "Build your own office cube"

hahaha! I love it!

In "The Golden Stool "

oh... *that* kind of stool.

In "Photographing America - "

that is insane!

In "The Day After Tomorrow."

The obvious and simple solution is, stop using those damn credit cards and don't try and buy something you can't afford.

In "Eerie and informative colour photos of WWI"

I am 99% certain that this is a repeat from a week or 2 ago...

In "Curious Blog Photo Questioning George:"

And, unlimited linking, I should mention.

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