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The French system has two marriages: a civil marriage and an optional church marriage for those who want it. It's important to me, personally, that definitions of marriage that claim it is only for the purpose of procreation be rejected. My wife and I chose not to have kids. She's had her tubes tied. Ours is not some sort of sham marriage, even though we were married by a judge at a Bed and Breakfast. We have friends who were married in traffic court, and played with the magnetic cars while waiting for the judge to arrive. Their marriage is real. My grandfather remarried at age 70 to a woman about the same age. Theirs was also a real marriage. I am not willing to cede the definition of marriage to the religious. It's not something only for them.

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I've seen one, and I wasn't impressed with the "Digital Ink" pages. Haven't seen a Kindle, so can't say if it's better, but I can't stand the way the screen refresh works. If that doesn't give you the pause it does me, then it's a nice device.

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I'm a fan of The Bride wore what? Best of the web, circa 1995...

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People who run Zone Alarm get what they deserve. The solution is switching it off. Personal Firewalls are Mostly Snake Oil

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There are two things I notice 1: The track sounds different in reversed headphones than the way I remember it. 2: Stereo pans (where the engineer changed the track balance to get a moving sound effect) go around behind my head instead of in front of it. That said, most live music isn't even mixed in stereo, since it's both more expensive and narrows the soundscape. If you want to listen to mono mixes, get live concert recordings.

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BH: google up IP Geolocation, find the three or so major firms that do it, and test your IP with them. If it says you're in Tegucigalpa, see how to contact them to give them a correction. If all three of them say you're in [wherever you are], then this isn't the problem. If it's only happening sometimes, then do this while it's happening, or write down the IP you have while it's happening. How to solve this depends on how and where you're connecting. If this is through your ISP, and it only happens somestimes, then the odds are they added a new IP block to their infrastructure and Google's provider doesn't know about it yet. It may get fixed in a few weeks when the data trickles down. But it might well work to raise hell with them.

Google tries to be intelligent by using IP Geolocation to determine what Google site to send you to when you connect to If it thinks you are in EspaƱa, it redirects you to That would be smart, if we were working with IPv6 where there are plenty of unused addresses. In the current world, this means that when your block is recycled, it can get pretty odd. There are three different services that provide this info, generally based on data from ARIN, RIPE, etc. I found this out at the first Starbucks stores that converted to AT&T WiFi. They had a new block of IPs and they were formerly from Spain, so they redirected to I think it's fixed there now.

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I can't support the DOAJ. Not after they refused to list the newly open access "Annals of Improbable Research.

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Hmm. So we have our choice of people-biting fire-ants or electronics-biting crazy raspberry ants? Get me a Lindemann's Framboise and a Chambord and I'll decide...

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I'm distraught. In what world is "Cooking with Pooh" not the clear winner?

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Is there anything that says a man's wives cannot wear strap-ons and penetrate him? What about each other?

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I guess that means all my devices are designed to intelligently switch. It means at least one of each pair is designed to intelligently switch,

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since when is "It's a samll, small world" considered classical music?

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Treasure Trail

'Happenstance' 'Vibrant Red Rat God' But I really like 'Etc etc OMG WTF Am I Doing?'

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look in the mailbox with the leaflet!

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.. \or\of\

RPM: Thomas Dolby allows comments, and sometimes comments back. Chris Difford (or Squeeze) allows comments, but I haven't seen him reply to them. I also don't think he's on the 66 list.


It seems to mostly move clockwise, but if I start reading the text, she goes counterclockwise. My question: Does it matter to the experiment that she has nipples?

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Once again, I am not in sync with the popular crowd. I saw about half of an episode in a hotel room and got bored. Desperate Polygynists, which had been on before it, was more captivating, in a car wreck kind of way. This seemed more like a bumper car with the power turned off. Not to rain on anyone's parade, but man, it was just dull.

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