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Country matters. A turbulent birth. Low expectations, curious dreams. A field of strawberries. A pious boyhood. Horse chestnuts. A sainted granny. Faded carpets. Xenophilia. Corrosive desires. Hoodwinked! Back-alley transactions. Rotting fruit.
The scent of spring. A rolling escapade. Armloads of flowers. Buses and trains. A tumultuous dancehall. Airborne bottles. Pleasure of love. Youth's restless harbors. Perfumed draperies. Night's weary eyelids.
Industrial years. Midnight oil. Boots and a jockstrap. Chinatown morning. Novel letterforms. Formal indifferences. Cool water. The sweetest gesture. To get and to spend. Frozen blossoms. The truth and the consequence. The warmth of the sun.
A home in the forest. Shadows and ferns. Temporal deduction. A lovely brown snake! Black ribbon highway. No bigger agenda. The mushrooms we ate. Life's musky flavor.
Pink walls in the parlor. Flickering flames. The river at midnight. The most beautiful hands. Champagne and morphine. Surprising betrayals. The march of time.
Twenty seasons. A junior palace. Memory lane. No Shiva nor Jesus. Soul food. A sudden storm. A planned lassitude. Kindness and crossfire. Halfway home.

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