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I'm such a wimp.

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I love toe socks! I have a pair with each toe a different color that I adore. I have to finish my gift and get it out ASAP!

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smt, I love that chart. Still wish I weren't working in the banking industry. I guess I'm lucky that I'm still employed. It's a cut-throat, ugly world in there...

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Did Mr. Whiskers eat the other half of that candy cane, or did he leave it embedded in one of his victims?

Update on Sammy: She turned 19 this past August, and recently gave me a health scare. Her kidneys have tested off on her last two sets of bloodwork, so the vet started making me give her fluids under the skin, suspecting Chronic Renal Failure. Her heart has been sounding off as well. I've been gearing myself up to realize she might not be around much longer. She lost a bunch of weight, getting down to 4.4 pounds (from her usual 5--she's always been a tiny cat). Spent several hundred dollars on tests and lots of unhappy cat moments to find out that her kidneys are fine, her heart is fine (for a 20 year old cat--slightly enlarged), her thyroid is fine, and she basically just had a bad upper respiratory infection. She's laughing at the stupidity of panicking humans as she lays on my wrists, making it impossible to type. Oh, and she still likes to clash.

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Check this out! (On my favorite cupcake blog). Full Course Cupcake Meal

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No, Uvula!

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I love that site as well.

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I'll take ten!

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I'm in love!

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Sled-stealing dog having fun in the snow. Youtube. Via Nothing To Do with Arbroath

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I think I have been brainwashed into joining a Crocodile Cult. But I feel strangely relaxed...

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Bastard won't let me cheat! Seriously, this is awesome. Great thing, dirtdirt.

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Also, this guy honestly, truly, cross-his-heart believed that with Bush's approval rating of, what is it now, -145%, that his site would be filled to the brim with goodwill?

Is this like that thread where we were supposed to say something nice about the guy we weren't gonna vote for?

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Stupid extra a. That stands for APE!

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Yay for a new anthem. Will Turkmenistan eventually (hopefully) wipe out all the other ridiculous legacies the Bashi left for himself?

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Album 1: They Call Me Chillee

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Now the hard part. Picking the bestest gift ever. Or something not completely fail, anyway.

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