In "Speedo augments its own bad self."

Bloody hell. I mean, its one thing wearing it underwater, but pose for pictures with yer hoo-hoo/wang hangin out like that? Wow.

In "SUV Sales are Up."

Majorities won't "elect" to conserve. There has to be a financial incentive. Raise the tax on Gas. I'd like to see it at $10 a gallon. Thats the point at which I'll trade in my full-size pickup for a Prius. We won't get consensus. Self moderation doesn't work for large groups or highly disparate groups - and the car driving population of the US is both. If we want people in small efficient cars, we have to make it ridiculously expensive to not do so. Sure, the 'have's' will still 'have' and will still drive GMC Behemoths (and personally I hope I get to be among them - thats the human spirit - love it or hate it). There won't be a last barrel of oil pulled out the ground, same as their wont be a last nugget of gold. What there will be is increasingly expensive barrels of oil pulled out the ground and ever escalating costs to get them. Cars will become more of a status symbol not less... In the UK people drive small cars, because the gas is so fricken expensive, the road tax is monstrous , insurance rates go through the roof for larger engines, and everyone moans about it and hates 'the man' for it and looks at America with envy fueled derision. (after all they have bigger cars...) Unless and until the US is prepared to saddle itself with the same high costs, the environment will suffer, and alas, the political system here in the US just won't allow things like that to happen. Hence, I'll be taking my truck to work tomorrow.

In ""Who are these children?""

Human shields at a press conference? What a prick.

In "I ♥ disease NY. "

* Does something funny in between asterisks in a vain attempt to pretend he understood or read the conversation thus far *

In "Working from home? Get a business bib."

Im getting one, and wearing it to my company board meeting. Suggestions on what I should wear underneath are welcome. I'm thinking something spandex...

In "Dirty Car Art"

I think we broke it.

In "The BBC pronunciation blog."

The news anchors on the BBC all seem to have one or two "pet names" that they pronounce radically differently than their peers - like they are trying to make a statement of individuality or something. It's one of those things that once I notice it, it becomes so distracting that I have to go read a newspaper instead. Hez-bol-AH turns to HIZ-bolah and al-KAEY-da becomes al-chHA-YEEED-a which is still better than Bush's 'Al KAY-der' the distant cousin of Darth Vader?) But I can't talk, I say Sheduoool, much to the merriment of the Americans I work with...

In ""

If a guy ONLY likes you with makeup - he's a shit. If a guy cant recognize that sometimes you may want to wear it - he's a shit too. Most men are shits. But my mum told me not to generalise :-) Wear what makes you feel good gomichild.

In "Curious George: Nonverbal communication."

Damn I love MonkeyFilter. Er - what everyone else said - especially mechagrue. You guys are great. Hope it works out. Marital problems suck. Sorry I cant offer more direct help - my simain troop-mates have said more than I could come up with on my own. G'luck.

In "INAPPROPRIATE CAPS: Misleading title 4 exclamation points "


In "Syd Barrett Dead."

Thanks Syd. Hope the afterlife makes more sense for you than this place did.

In "Nutjob sues Nike and Michael Jordan because he looks like Michael Jordan."

"Well, you figure with my age and you multiply that times seven and then I turn around and I figure that's what it all boils down to." Huh? Twat.

In "Impeach Bush! "

Democrats are spinless heh. I wish.

In "Fuck yeah!"

I have a new anthem for this weekend.

In "Hyperinflation "

I had no idea abou the Petrodollar concept, had always thought oil was in dollars for convenience. Now at least I what Hawkwind were at least babling maniacally on a consistent subject in the middle of their song Assassins of Allah (Hassan I Sabha) when they chanted "Petro-dollar Petro-dollar Petrol-D'allah Petrol-D'allah... Death unto all infidels in oil". Not that any of that matters. Move along. We are not the droids you are looking for.

In "Thumbs up."

Not sure I'd look that cool and collected after 14 nights in a hole. Tough blokes, miners. Glad they made it.

In ""You have really wierd dreams when you pass out""

Yeah - that must be a total buzz! He didnt look well at the end though. One more turn and the Thick and Chunky soup would have been loose in the cockpit...

In "McStarbucks"

Yeah, I was in Sydney, Aus on Good Friday - everything was shut excpet the McCafe in McDonalds - the coffee was surprisingly good. Still had a bazillion ill behaved snot nosed kids running around, which meant I got my coffe-to-go... I welcome the change, but it probably wont affect my patronage - its a barely tolerated last resort.

In "Scientology Claims Another Victim"

Damn. Thats like Sid Vicious saying 'the kids of today aint got no respect'... u twat Hayes, way to go.

In "3.6 billion degrees Fahrenheit."

"Also, when the high temperature was achieved, the Z machine was releasing more energy than was originally put in, something that usually occurs only in nuclear reactions." This was Steel Wire and Electricity no? We have lots of steel wire dont we? Anyone excited about this being a useful energy source?

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