In "Luv Linen."

Having just emerged from the other side of having diapers in the house, I can attest that the Love Pad is also marketed elsewhere as a changing pad. Nice synergy there. They should really be playing up that aspect in their marketing though.

In "Rolex, schmolex!"

That is phenomenal. And you can probably get one in the streets of Beijing starting next week.

In "Hey! They're talking about monkeys!"

That you darling? We need milk at home.

As an almost charter member of this place, I've never quite understood the fixation with our simian brothers. Monkey was originally a play on words off meta, denoting a playful attitude occasionally missing at the big blue board, the constant posting of pointless monkey crap is irritating. Then again I'm uptight and slightly dull, at least according to my wife.

In ""Houseblingers" "

"It interested me that the site was British. I always assumed that over-the-top Christmas displays were an American thing :)" By American standards, those house aren't over the top, some of them are downright subdued.

In "Royalty vs. Nature"

"Well, if it's so easy, Keith, show us how it's done at the Olympics." If I had the good genetic fortune of being born euro royalty, I would. Mind you, I'd fancy myself more a an Americas Cup Syndicate head if I had the means. Being a olympic calibre bobsledder is merely a way to score tail in Zurmat all winter.

"just watch the episode of Top Gear where a bobsled outruns a professionally driven Mitsi Evo down a rally track/bobsled run combo." Yeah, and wasn't one of the seats in the sled taken by a bobsledding virgin? You don't really help your arguement that bobsledding is hard, do you?

In "Desi Crews VS Minuteman Civil Defence Corps..."

Six killings this year does not make a gangwar. Regardless, you're right in what you say in the first paragraph, moneyjane, I hadn't thought of it that way.

Is there some inside joke that I'm missing, or did the drinking start eary today and I wasn't cc.'ed on the memo?

I think this post is attempting to link two dissimilar elements into one cohesive piece. The redneck malitia is more concerned with homeland security rather than drugs, and if there's an Indo-Canadian gang war on in Vancouver, the media are doing a good job of suppressing it.

In "CG: Jumping the gun"

I don't get the whole Madarin thing. Two reasons why, most Canadian/Chinese speak Cantonese, and depending who you ask, the languages aren't the same/transferable. And secondly, most people that speak Madarin also speak English. And speak it beter than you or I. French. When the kid is school aged. It's free, useful and pisses off Albertans. Total win. And don't mention to any of your friends that you're teaching junior Esperanto or Portugese or what ever the hell you settle on, unless of course you want them thinking you're a twat. Teaching junior a second langauge only sets you up for comments like "sure he may speak Russian, but he still craps his pants at three."

In "Google Moon"

Thanks for the answer sexyrobot.

Why were all the lunar landings in the same general area?

In "The Joy of being Five Years Old"

It made me misty too. I wonder why? Maybe because it's so easy to make five year olds happy, yet we don't always try?

In ""

I admit, I haven't been reading much lately, this is some kind of inside joke that I don't get, right? Or have we really taken the leap and are now posting wacky antics of the local Morning Zoo?

In "Curious Armchair Travelling George"

Vancouver - So it's pretty much exactly like where you are but with less cypress trees and more traffic.

In "Cops kill Starbucks smoker"

It's a story where everyone is wrong. The cop, the smoker, Starbucks. And as an aside, I remember when we started getting Starbucks here (Vancouver) prior to not being allowed to smoke indoors, I was incredulous that you couldn't have a cigarette with your coffee, in a coffee shop.

In "A man, a plan, the pentagon, a 757 (flash)"

"What is a conspiracy theorist to think?" That some conspiracy theorists have outstanding flash presentation skills. Just out of curiousity, what is the point of this? There's no dispute as to what happened at the WTC, and the Pentagon crash is almost forgotten, where was the benefit to stage a fake attack?

In "Hot Sauce for kids?"

Hot sauce him.

In "Frontier Psychiatrist"

You're kidding right? It can't be the best ever by virtue of the fact that the band or someone associated with the band allowed it to be broadcast in Real. No one that uses Real for anything can be all that good. And the Avalaches have always been the Aussie lovechild of a night of passion between Fat Boy Slim and Beck. No, not a pretty picture. And I've never quite got the point of that song, and that video ceratinly doesn't help clear anything up. Just because you can put in a smaple, doesn't mean you should include that sample. It could use some real cleaning.

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