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I was expecting that this was an interview with an actual guy who dresses up and does some sort of performance act as Krampus, like the mall Santas but in reverse. I was sad to not see any evidence that anybody actually does that.

In "This piece explains how everything you were taught about Native Americans and the First Europeans in America is wrong."

I would have liked more information on the plague. Do we know exactly what disease it was? Was it more than one? Who exactly brought it to America?

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Not to go all grammar police on you, but the plural of fox is "foxen."
I'm not sure if you're kidding or what, but every dictionary I've checked says "foxes".

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I keep reading "valuable tool" as "vegetable tool."

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Amazing! Another example of shared traits among the primates. If the gorillas' environment favored that behavior over a long enough time, evolution would select for gorillas that were genetically predisposed to walk better, as happened with Homo Sapiens.

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This ( ) and this ( ) and this very OP all make me feel quite optimistic, and even gruntled.

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Here's the hoax video:

Oh, and the method the hoax suggests is mixing oil and black printer ink, which just produces a mess.

Huh, my whole post didn't go through correctly. There was supposed to be more text and a link after the words "purports to explain how to make a ferrofluid at home". Here's the hoax version on the certain other blue filter: The links that actually got posted are, as far as I can tell, legit. I plan to try the easy method sometime. Maybe I'll post video.

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Median family income has quadrupled (x4)--Gate's income is 25 times more than Getty's. Am I misunderstanding, or did you mean to say "Gate's net worth is 25 times more than Getty's"? (no snark)

Oh hell yeah. Good find.

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Aha. Duh, thanks.

I notice there's no author listed on the Harvard link. Why not?

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That's pretty good, Islander.

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I forgot to include this link: Anger-recognition. I heard on the BBC a week ago that some places in Europe are installing cameras with microphones that can recognize aggressive voices. Can't find a link to the information, but they're applying the process described in the link above. Not buying a Kinect won't help when every camera out there is able to actively keep tabs on people. I'm just curious about how long it'll take. The future is a panopticon. omg, onoz avatar

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Aw crud, messed up my html :(

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As some of the folks in es el Queso's first link observe, this is an instance of Poe's Law in action. I Googled Poe's Law to find out what it is. I learned that it is that any sufficiently funny parody of stupidity will inevitably be mistaken for the real thing, whereas the extremes of the real thing are inevitably mistaken for parody. Hilariously, Conservapedia has an article on Poe's Law. Turns out, "Poe’s Law is an attempt at effective liberal internet satire". Also, "leading evolutionists generally no longer debate creation scientists because creation scientists tend to win the debates.[5]"

Folks, this is definitely a joke site along the lines of Landover Baptist Church. Evidence: Mexican Swine Flu Is Still A Zombie Threat, More Proof It's sorta funny that the noisy conservative extremists are so zany that it's hard to tell if things like this are parodies or not. I thought for about a year after looking at Conservapedia that that Conservapedia was a mere jest. Honestly. Googling "christwire" also turns up some Yahoo Answers links. Two of them say it's spoof and one says it's real but simply gets some crazy stuff thrown in by trolls trying to make them look even worse. None has hard proof. But I'd have to guess that a real, non-ironic site woul try to be getting rid of any articles like "Mexican Swine Flu Is Still A Zombie Threat", "Judge Susan Bolton Illegally Blocks Part of Arizona Anti-Mexican Immigration Law", etc. But they're all still there. Instead of "Mod up or mod down" or "thumbs up or thumbs down" for moderating comments in their comment sections, they have "praise or condemn". This article, too, reads exactly like something from

In "Tarzan Skills: How to Swim, Dive, Climb, and Swing Like the Lord of the Apes."

That Tarzan game really sucks. Terrible controls.

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