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The Pirate Bay has the number on their home page page. Good-bye DMCA!

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Fuyugare, There were 16-17 pages of a book that was credited for changing the food industry. That book was called the "Jungle" It doesn't take left wing all it takes is for people to know what's in their food. Or, in the health care industry, what is really happening. I propose a test. If you ever need any NON-emergency medical work. First find some hospital/doctor that you are going to go to and get the information like what is needed/testing that will be done. Then call another hospital/doctor and ask for the same things but tell them you do NOT have any insurance. I would like to know what people's experiences are. Also, ask for the cost. See if anyone is even willing to give the prices out. I bet no. Everything is done and determined without the patients knowledge. Even question the tests that are being done, see if anyone is willing to explain those in enough detail that you could ask another expert what it is for. Again I bet no.

I use to work for United Heath Group. I quite a month ago, after the second time I had to tell a young mother that she was still responsible for the deductible even though the baby did not make it. I saw so much crap there that I was planning on writing a book titled "Life in a Call Center" and sending it to Hillery Clinton's campaign. I dislike all politicians but I think maybe she could bring the focus back to health care and make public some of the tragedies that are happening daily because of greed.

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Me: what do you do in your spare time? God: Random natural disasters.


Your score is 46. I'm not sure if that means I need more drugs or I should take less of the ones I already have..... Or have I already taken too many....

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It makes me wonder what the standard for dogpower would be? Seriously, you can't think the amount of work a poodles does in one minute would be the same as what a Shepard does in on minute.

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Ahhh....Gingersnaps...... Oh, ya my username came from my first real job. I no longer have the job, but I kept the username. Now where's my gingersnapps!

Ok, I'll stop lurking and say Hi. "Hi"

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Thanks All for the warm welcome. The link was something I came across while working and I had like 15 seconds to figure this all out. Lesson learned: Always preview. Regardless of the comments, who's planning on voting???

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Corporate spin can even make factory work seem exciting.

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I had two brothers in Gulf War the original. They both came back messed up (in the head) although one is normal now.

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If the war in Iraq is illegal, then does that make the U.S. and/or it

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I think the hungry people counter is stuck. I checked it before lunch {I'm hungry} and after lunch {I'm no longer hungry} and the counter did not change. How do you kick a virtual machine to get the counter unstuck?

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