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*off-topic There used to be a glimmer of hope, I guess. Iraq is filled with young Americans who have never been exposed to anything close to what they are exposed to now. There really is no way to prepare someone to kill. Not really. So many of these kids went in there as naive pawns not understanding the reality of what was happening. They have it pounded into their brains that what they are doing is protecting Americans, ultimately, showing loyalty to the American flag -- it's honorable. Tough job, but someone's got to do it. Most of these kids are from small towns and the military is the best option. They haven't been exposed to much yet they are taken to a very foreign country and expected to make life or death decisions for other people. They are fed questionable knowledge and made/expected to operate under those facts. The suffering there is huge. For everyone. I cannot judge them. I feel sorry for them. I'm angry that those who have the power are using innocent lives to kill innocent lives. It's morally wrong. There is no other way to see it. BTW, I haven't seen/read the link and I am not going to.

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Well, I'm still here. I have a couple of things to say even though it's obvious this thread has moved on.... Monkeyfilter is a great, great place! Because of its monkeymembers. The best thing we monkeys can do to help maintain this site is to remain here, even during snarky times. The snarkiness will come and go. The essence of Monkeyfilter remains only if its members remain. There will always be new members, there will always be change. The only way we can have a feeling of continuity is by sticking it out. Hopefully, others who have left will return. As far as political threads, let me say this; The majority of Americans are deeply concerned about some of their most basic rights. Concerned about America, period. This is a very strange time for us USians. Scary times, many of us have never experienced stuff like this. We need to be able to vent. I would hope that my fellow monkeys would remain understanding and bear with us until November 2nd. It's not too far away. This will die down to a very small whisper when all is said and done. As for such strong voices like Decani's, I like it. Sorry if that bothers other people, but I enjoy hearing from someone who is so very different from me and others I regularly hear from. It's refreshing, if brutal, at times. I realize that it can be seen as outright rudeness, but it is my understanding that many people who appear like that, really don't realize it, for them, it is normal convesation, lively and forthright conversation. If Decani or anyone else who comes across so strongly chooses to keep being that way, I would assume they are strong enough to accept the consequences of being piled on if others so choose to respond that way. This should not convince monkeys to leave, it should encourage them to speak their mind on the matter and move on, or as others have said, take a vacation. In other words, Monkeyfilter will wax and wane. It is the way of mother nature and the human species. I hope everyone stays, beeswacky, Decani, et al.

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I had a girlfriend who was a contortionist. A real one. In a circus.< posted by Wolof at 07:32AM UTC on September 03 And your not with her because........why????? In other words "Dude, what's wrong with you?!!

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Looking forward to this, did anyone get pictures? Anyone awake yet? Not quite as excited as Darshon......'cause I actually have a life;)

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spackle, depends on what kind of comfort that volunteer might have. wink, wink. Lying flat in bed doesn't have to be a bad thing.

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babywannasofa--did it work?

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Meat, meat and more meat. Oh, and lot's and lot's of beer. And then a joint...........then more pizza. And beer.

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I'm a genius!

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Ladies and Gentlemen: We have a WINNER, The Onanist; Laziest poster award!

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#2001; sprays those calories away! Oh, and.....WTF is wrong with people? Using common sense might be one way of losing weight. Or just not obsessing about it might a good idea. If you don't have the willpower, as I know many don't, accept it. Don't give these fuckers any of your money. head hurts now from so much stupidity

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Sex and more sex. Then sleep. I'll mail you the bill.

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I had an enormous crush on Welchel as a youth. The idea of spraying hot sauce into her mouth is not exactly new territory for my imagination. hahahahahahahahahahahaha

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This technique seems to be making the rounds pretty slowly. There's even another try at a flip fold joke. No kidding! And you people call yourselves internet users. Your just a bunch of posers!

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People have too much time on their hands.

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You have to be smarter than the shades. Or buy some new shades.

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What the fuck did you expect from fuckwads. Their just fuckwads being more fuckwadian. Stupid fucking atarded fuckwad fucks.

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Early on, me and some friends had the belief that your cock got bigger the more you did it...... Hey, it worked for me! ;)

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siteseeing is ghastly, however to see eagles elevated is never ghastly.

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Dude, Kill fucking Bill!!!

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