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bees, in all honesty - that wasn't a comment on the tenor of MoFi overall, simply on the potty humor. It was rather poor timing on my part to come back to MoFi when it was urine humor day. Imagine being gone for nearly a year and coming back to see the front page fitted out with nothing but urine posts. It's an odd thing - did nothing for me. When I saw this post I was relieved (almost no pun intended) to find that I wasn't the only person confused. To me it was more of a "huh, strange - okay, I'll check back with ya all later!" But, clearly that wasn't how you or Nickdanger took it. If you haven't read the link I provided to the MoFi blog, do (specifically here) - I think it clears up why I took leave. I really don't think I ever said that I didn't like MoFi, but I stopped finding it worth my time as my work/life pace picked up. The signal to noise with the "cock punch", M.O.N.K.E.Y. games, turkmenbashi, etc. was a bit much for me. Every once in a while I'll come check things out. Maybe once a month more or less until say January 2006 when things just got crazy for me. I think, but am not sure, that my last comment was in December of last year when I answered a domain name related Curious George. I don't recall ever "crapping in a thread" or throwing a "stinkbomb" here on the lavender, so I don't understand the hostility nor the "Behold the Pattern" comment. I've not been annoyed with MoFi at all since I left and before that it was much more about being sad that everything seemed a joke or a game. I was the "odd man out" more or less, so I exited. But that was two years ago bees, I suppose in an odd way I should be charmed that you still care/remember, but I don't see/recall any evidence of leaving in a "huff". Tracy and I exchanged a very civil, cordial "best to you, see ya round" and I've done just that, I've come around now and then. Again, I note - never crapping in the lavender. Can you help me to understand why you (and apparently others) took this all so personally? on preview, HawthorneWingo, I would argue the inference was just that. The implication was something else entirely, but that is the problem with written communication and I'll accept that what I wrote/implied was not what everyone read/infered.

beeswacky, I really don't see where I made a nasty comment re: MoFi. This is probably the thread you are referring to on the MoFi Blog. It is the post after which I stopped coming to MoFi on anything resembling a regular basis. But, like Tracicle herself invited me to, I check back on occasion. To my knowledge, recollection and search capabilities I've not said one iota on the tenor of MoFi since then. Yesterday was hardly a comment on the tenor of MoFi. But if there are other posts here on MoFi that I'm just not recalling or am unable to find in a Google search, please do point them out. It's kind of disappointing to find that you and Nickdanger have such a low opinion of me because I didn't care for the direction MoFi went, but I seem to recall being an upstanding member of the community for a while. I didn't flame out, I just left when I didn't enjoy the discourse any longer. And, I think that I *did* answer the call for clarification in that MoFi Blog thread. For this I'm a bitch?

How the heck is that nasty?

Wow Nickdanger, beeswacky - just what did I do to catch your ire? bees - what in that link was so bad?

Ya know, I've been gone a long time and I came back to check things out just in time to witness this bathroom fascination. I gotta tell ya, really not doing a thing for me. I'll see you all again in another year or so.

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MelbourneIT has the best name generation tools I've ever used. At least it's always keyed in on the right things for me. Name Assist

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gah. Let me preface this with saying that I know I'm a cranky old bat - but can't we quit freakin' patting ourselves on the back over crap like this?

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I knew these looked familiar.

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As someone who has experienced far more than her fair share of death, I can say, without a doubt, that it is indeed possible, nay likely, to die peacefully.

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SideDish: what are ya trading? ;)

J. Doe & SideDish - no worries. Those gifts do bite. I would never. The closest I came was a magnet toy with tiny little metal cows. I hate budgets.

Argh - am I missing a joke?

Age ranges from the low/mid 20s the low 40s. The overwhelming majority of people are gadget-y types. We'll likely have to get at least two different products and we're trying to catch the widest interests. No easy task. It looks to be 27 people.

Cali, that would be my choice, but I've been specifically instructed for actual items - something tangible.

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mecurious, will you actually be reselling hosting or are you using this for multiple accounts of your own?

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I used to handle domain dispute, registration and transfer issues for my company. Tucows is great, but they do not sell direct to consumers. If you want them you have to go through one of their resellers (we are one). is where I have all 10+ of my domains. Never a problem, inexpensive and with a good number of options for yours domains. I heartily recommend them. These are the registrars that our hosting customers routinely have issues with: Joker, Gandi, Network Solutions, and Schlund (through 1&1). There are a few others that seem troubling every now and again, but these are the folks that we hear horror stories about ALL THE TIME. good luck.

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Thanks to all for your input. As someone who has worked in the recurring charge industry of ISPs and web hosting companies I was a bit shocked. I've had customers tell me that they weren't going to bother cancelling their accounts because the credit card our company had on file was outdated anyway. It had never even entered my mind that a company would do this. Anyway, thanks again.

It was on ongoing service. The CC companies cannot/will not give out my information, including any information on my expiration date. I'm interested in more of what Mickey is getting at... Merchant Account issues or legalities. jccalhoun, thanks, but I'm clear on what my options are. I am looking for ethical and legal interests and issues. I'm good with my specific options.

Thanks to both of you... not concerned about what action I should take, I'm clear on that. What I'm specifically looking for is whether this is a common practice, an ethical one and whether it's even legal. I mean, it's not information that I provided to them. So, yes, they entered a different year and it was the correct one that matched the new expiration date.

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Sorry mblind, Double Post

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