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I'm only 22 and I know the Z-Cars theme when I hear it.

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Best post ever.

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This is the song, written for the train chase This is the chase, Rocky and Ken! He triiied to kill me with a forklift! Olé! I've found MST3K review invaluable. Joel > Mike, but not by much.

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I admit I was surprised to see this posted too, it was one of the first things I ever saw when I started surfing the net back in the mid-nineties. But it's still cool now.

In "Just a little chaos at the airport. (NSFW, unless you have headphones)."

Good stuff. Apparently this was masterminded by Chris "Jaaaaam" Morris for his BBC Radio 1 show a while back.

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Same old. But now with a cookie.

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Hooray! It's goatse time.

In "Led Zeppelin - The Satanic Message in Stairway to Heaven."

Wow. I did as Goetter suggested and listened to the backwards clip a few times without reading the text and all I could make out was the first "Satan". When I read it and listened to the clip again it was hard to believe it was the same audio. Freaky.

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Fascinating stuff. Thanks.

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Great stuff. She even designed the frigging cards for Solitaire!

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Thanks Wolof. Fascinating stuff. There are few nightmares worse than to be held and misdiagnosed as insane, so it's interesting to see how results have changed over the years to prescriptions. Whilst these results may support the view that doctors are perhaps too ready to proscribe medication, I feel some sympathy for the psychologists. I agree that these results may only show that the system can be abused by those who deliberately seek to abuse it, rather than some innocent being misdiagnosed in such a way. Obviously, the case of Janet Frame shows that there are cases in which this can happen, but determining a way to detect and prevent this in such an uncertain field is extremely difficult.

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Some of them are pretty hard, but with the help of the forum (non-spoiler) you can get through them. And yes, I was stuck on the first one for ages too.

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