In "The Laurence Hutton Princeton University Collection of Death Masks"

return thee to the tofu hut!

In "Bush bests"

Preparing for a Democratic Congress, I see...

In "PLEASE take my Jesus plates."

This was on Craigslist Austin a few weeks ago, and it was taken down after a few days. So it's probably not freal. Still funny though.

In "It's food world!"

Ice palaces, foodscapes. Is there anything Russians can't do?

In "Oooh!! Secret Passageways"

I wanted to say it was on some Massive Attack or UNKLE b-side... not sure. But yeah: Fuckin' secret passages, man.

In "Animated Kinky Friedman For Governor Ad"

I like tax cuts... AND JESUS!

In "Googlemaps naughty bits?"

Sweet! My friend totally didn't believe me when I told him there's a hole to hell in Siberia!

In "14 Phrases Which Have Never Before Been Spoken or Written"

I would guess that a significant portion of speech is brand new, given that the individual variation of cadence, intonation, meaning, etc. is simply tremendous. And I've said the vegan bacon one before, freal.

In "The 50 Most Loathsome People of 2005"


In "Airplanes!"

Lonely little Salt Lake City...

In "Sony catches teh ghey."

Would it have hurt for Sony to consult a gay person (any gay person at all) about the title?

In "Curious George: Boycotting"

Thanks for the responses. I'm aware that boycotts by a single person won't make any impact, but it's more of a matter of principle for me, making sure I have no blood on my hands. It's like telling a white lie: it doesn't do a lot of harm, but I still refuse to tell them because lying makes me feel rotten inside.

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More immediately, you can eat a banana or blow on your thumb. I don't know if the banana thing works, or the science behind it, but I remember in junior high our director would tell us to eat one before big tryouts. The vagus nerve, which governs heart rate, can be controlled through breathing. It'll get your heart rate back to normal (from lifehacker). Never tried the blowing-the-thumb trick yet. I also recommend the drinking lightly. We did that in my Spanish class before oral exams because it made you speak less rigidly.

In "Curious Resolutions 2006"

Less sugary things.

In "Curious George: I am thinking of a book"

Thanks, Nomen. That was it.

In "NZ finds Black Cocks hard to swallow"

A story as old as time.

In "The Rapture Index"

The Rapture was hot in 2003.

In "King without his crown. (mov)"

Hipster Trends Now with Insta-backlash!

In "Scientist teaches the concept of money to capuchin monkeys."

Isn't that a capuchin in the MoFi logo?

In "Unborn babies carry pollutants"

Note to self: contact Hollywood about a retired cop reality show...

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