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Wash your hands?

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Yes, I suppose that was a bit to obvious for me. *Puts on dunce cap. Takes place in corner.*

Free literature = awesome Which one is it that he does cocaine with Sigmund Freud? Or was that Connan Doyle?

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Mine's comin's out at the last minute too. Here's my cover and another version I decided I didn't like as much. Appropriately enough, the cover was too small for the case so I had to find a creative way to keep it from falling out. Also be warned tracks 7 & 10 are a bit louder than the other songs, so be forwarned if you're wearing headphones.

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This sounds awesome but maybe we should get a forum like the MOFI CDX so there could be two threads: one with people's libraries which could be edited for what is out with other Monkeys, one for requests, and another for complaints or other comments. Though we could just do a few threads linked to each other here and then all requests will go to whoever has the game the requester wants...but that would still be sticky as the sender would not know what the requester had to exchange at that point probably and lists would have to be reposted...

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Uncle Duke doll

"Objective journalism is one of the main reasons that American politics has been allowed to be so corrupt for so long..." -from the Washitngton Post obituary which also features a cool photo.

I was about to put that up next, Alex Reynolds and also mention that The Kentucky Derby Is Decadent and Depraved is one of my favorite short stories/pieces of journalism of all time. Also, anyone remember his last wishes? It was in the interview on the Criterion Collection Edition Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas DVD..

The ESPN Hunter Archive I remember this quote alot, from the Jacket Copy for Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas from The Great Shark Hunt: "The only other important thing to be said about Fear & Loathing at this time is that it was fun to write, and that's rare - for me, at least, because I've always considered writing the most hateful kind of work. I suspect it's a bit like fucking, which is only fun for amateurs. Old whores don't do much giggling."

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Poland and Hungry had some good ones, the Japanese ones were bizarre but their breadth is more impressive than their acuracy. Very cool, user-friendly site. )

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Totally understandable. I didn't know about the path situation when I commented; I would have put my complaint differently.

Sorry tracicle, my comment was ruder than it needed to be. And I just went back to the thread I was thinking of and found that plenty of people told the person I'm thinking of to fuck off. I was just impressed that the person was not banned for some troll-like and blatantly bridge-burning behavior. I won't link the thread here, but if you want to see it tracicle I'll send it to you. It just appears to me that Monkeyfilter tries too hard to prove its such a nice place at times and at others seems intolerant of some pretty minor infractions, like with the faceman self-link debacle. He was obnoxious, but I don't know why there needed to be any more reaction that the pile-on that followed.

How come Monkeyfilter will suffer fools who will, say, shit all over serious threads, say they know they're being obnoxious asses, that they don't care and would leave for Metafilter forever if they weren't so lazy aren't even told to fuck off...and yet someone who shows a minor kind of rudeness (that every site with a membership ever in the history of the internet has had to indure at least once) needs to be banned? Especially condering that maybe the second post was meant to make up for the first. Where is this Monkeyfilter hospitality I hear so much about?

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Two posts in one day, a self link (see previous) and un-ironic shouting on on the sidebar? Though I'm sure that's not enough to get anyone creamed, maybe you should read our FAQ more closely before doing anything else on Monkeyfilter today, FAT BLOB.

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Would you mind if I put you on B3ta :D

this looked a little bit better before it became a JPEG, but: prismatic7

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SideDish I went off the meds over a year ago and I'm not seeing my doc because I want to see if I really want to continue you therapy with him. I wasn't taking it seriously so if I decide to go back now I'll hopefully have a better reason to, but I don't have any right now. Thanks for your concern, though. So far I'm hearing all I need is to shot-gun cans of tuna fish, do more drugs and alcohol, and spend a few hours each week workin' on sweaty bush...thanks Monkeyfilter :)

Thanks guys, so far this doesn't sound too bad..

Wurwilf: I meant to say I'm not going to have another appointment with my therapist for a good while, otherwise I would ask him (though it's within my power to call him (and, now that I think about it, e-mail), but I thought some first hand experience might be good too).

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