In "Curious George:"

I've been lurking for five years. Thanks for the links, folks!

In ""Fashioncore""

I've noticed that tight pants are in with the local hardcore kids, and attributed it to the fact that they are all about bicycles these days. Wearing tighter jeans allows them to ride without rolling up or tying their right pant leg. When you're on a fixed-gear bike (and you know they all are), clothes caught in the chain can be more than a nuisance.

In "October 23, 1989:"

One storyline ... is unique in that it is not humorous. Well, maybe not that unique.

In ""Someone is shooting at us, we must go...""

If you hear his narration in Grizzly Man, it's pretty apparent that he's a bad-ass nihilist.

In "I have discovered that while humor can have its limits, fear has no limits. I could not suppress the volume of terror that this film conveys."

Miike is a director with almost unprecedented emotional range. Folks who think they've got the full picture after Audition and maybe Ichi the Killer would never see The Bird People in China coming. If Miike says it's scary, I believe him.

In "Black cop infiltrates the Ku Klux Klan."

Actually, a couple of my high school friends were (children of) members of the PLP. I went to a couple meetings, and while sympathetic to many of their beliefs, much of their rhetoric was indeed wacky. And for the high school Eamon to realize something was wacky, it had to be damn wacky.

In "Binary Ring"

Not flash -- processing. Very cool environment for making this kind of art, even if it is Java-based.

In "Croatia to mark Tesla's 150th birthday"

Tesla was a genius, Edison was just smart and determined.

In "Seven firemen fired for having sex while on duty."

With each other?

In "US Congress Defeats Minimum Wage Increase "

Out of curiosity, what's the republican take on this?

In "Curious George:"

In the flock of geese that lives in a park in my town, there is a single goose that looks very different than the rest. It's much larger, and a lighter shade of grey: it looks like a cross between a normal goose and a swan, but I realize it's probably just a different species of goose.

In "When spinning tire rims just aren't bling enough..."

My car is me? Oh man, I really suck.

In "Wondering George: which online forums do you spend time on?"

There's this really cool place, but I can't tell you about it. There's a rule.

In "How to project an image of the outside world onto a wall in your room"

This will be perfect for my new place. I've chosen to set up my 'office' in a small room in the basement. There is a window at about eye level, but it's too small to properly illuminate the space. This will make it seem much less claustrophobic.

In "The Ballad of Polly and Wally"

Fewer aging hipsters, more dirty hippies, and it's spot on. I'm kidding! Sorta.

In "Using a cell phone — even a hands-free one — while driving"

There is plenty of evidence that shows that those of you who assert that cell phones are equally distracting as other activities are mistaken. Some research indicates that it's the process of generating words that makes driving difficult, but that listening is a much lighter cognitive load.

In "Why are the pretty ones always insane?"

Whoa. I've heard clips of these set to music and incorporated into a brilliant mix.

In "The beverage tasting institute, "

"A little bit" is, in this drinker's opinion, the best amount of drunk to be. Your jokes are funnier, you dance better, and all around you find you more attractive. Beyond that, you may think things have improved, but you'd be mistaken. I wish the site reviewed more Irish whiskeys. I'm becoming quite a fan.

In "Fixate the green dot for a while and watch the others disappear."

OMG, I work in visual cognition. For an open house last month, we replicated a room-sized demo of this effect, inducing people standing against a wall to disappear.

In ""my gramma is 125 years old!"

February 28, 1880. Just think: if she had been born a day later, she would only be 31.

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