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Wow. I guess if I had fought in WWII and saw some nasty stuff, this sort of thing would seem like a harmless diversion. But.. whoa, that's some weird stuff.

In "Tremulous George: Wisdom Teeth"

My son had all four taken out a year and a half ago. General anesthetic. Two teeth were bony impacted, one was soft tissue impacted. The oral surgeon was done in about 20 minutes, and my son felt sore but very little pain. We almost had to force him to take pain pills because he said he didn't think he needed them (while still recovering from the anesthesia). The next day, he had bloody gauze in his mouth but felt fine otherwise.

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Don't people want someone who is smarter, more capable, and more aware of the world than the average person is? Smarter, more capable and more aware are all good qualities. So is a good moral compass and a desire to truly do what's best for the whole country rather than a small segment of special interests.

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...and ol' Tim Horton is probably rolling in his grave.

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Wow, avagar, Crotchblat rocks. Blakeyed Girl rocks. I am all rocked out. They need to release this stuff to CD. NOW.

In "Hobotopia reveals the real origin of the Laugh-Out-Loud Cats."

I emailed Ape Lad about doing that for a LOLcat. He said he would do it, but he doesn't advertise it so much because he simply can't promise turnaround times anymore. He's got several projects going, some of which are not mentioned on the blog.

You're most charitable. Perhaps I can salvage this post by noting that the artist, who happens to go by the pseudonym "Ape Lad" has produced a considerable collection of monkey art? I, for one, would like to welcome our Overmonkey.

Damn. I searched, honest. I blame Basalisk for typing "laugh out loud" instead of "Laugh-Out-Loud" as on the linked page. I also searched for Hobotopia but that didn't find it either. I still thought it might be a double since it's been around a while, but he's added a lot of new material since last July.

In "It's A Flee Country!"

he's saying "if you don't like it, leave!" Actually, I think he's saying that he doesn't like it, so you should leave.

Wow, that has to be some kind of record.... Godwin's Law fulfilled in the primary link. In essence what I get out of this is, "Because the political climate in this country is not to my liking, people should leave it." Don't let the door hit your @ss on the way out, Chalmers.

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I post on several relatively unrelated forums on such diverse subjects as sports, religion/philosophy and cars. Every once in a while I find something kind of interesting and post it. Sometimes I will simulpost to the Mothership, MoFi and MetaChat... then it's not stealing from any of them, is it?

In "Mofi has seemed to be fading for a while,"

"oh, god, not again". Why does someone have to bring this up with almost alarming regularity? Honestly, it's sweeping the intarweb. Not just the Meta sites, but the religion/philosophy sites, the auto forums, everywhere. Activity is down everywhere these days. I think it's a nadir caused by the time of the year (go out and play, it's nice out!) and the election cycle. I vaguely remember people complaining like this back in 04 as well. ...AND SLEEPS WITH CHICKENS!!!!!!!!!! Are you anti-chickenist?

I like MoFi and I hope it doesn't go away. I don't post much, but maybe I should post more.

In "'How to begin to educate a child. First rule: leave him alone. Second rule: leave him alone. Third rule: leave him alone'"

Reading meredithea's comments, it sounds pretty close to what we did with our sons. I think it would have been better for our oldest especially to have a little more free time. The younger one, we're not pressuring so much to keep busy, but he's got plenty of stuff on his plate anyway.

Parent of 20- and 17-year-old sons here. I think there is something to this. My oldest was stressed almost to the breaking point two or three times during high school due to conflicting commitments between school work and extracirriculars. He earned the scholarship, went away to college and it finally caught up with him. Without mom and dad to clean things up when he was overcommitted, he didn't do so well away at college. He's now home, going to community college on and off, working on and off, hopefully soon to "find himself" and start moving forward in earnest again. As a parent, part of me wants to kick him in the butt and say, "Come on! Let's move it!" and the other part wants me to let him find his own way out of his doldrums. But in the meantime, I guess he is just getting some makeup unscheduled screwing-around time.

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If You Want Closure In Your Relationship, Start With Your Legs You mean, this is not obvious? Wow.

In "Curious George: not a nymphomaniac but a compulsive liar."

Bea Arthur circa Maude or circa Golden Girls? Oh. THAT Bea Arthur! o_O

Exactly. Oh, and also, although I was already married when John Hughes started cranking out movies, I totally <3-ed Molly Ringwald. Maybe that's another reason Ally had no impact on me; in the context of the movie she was no more than Ringwald's foil.

As I said on the mothership, I was (am/wanted to be/most identified with) the Anthony Michael Hall character. The establishment guy. I went from being a geeky social outsider to a relatively happy guy with a decent career a good solid marriage and a couple of sons. But enough about me. My reaction to the Ally Sheedy character's transformation was... no real reaction at all. Just, meh. I find eccentric people to be interesting to look at, but when they are so eccentric as to constantly challenge my expectations, I kind of give up on them. I mean, if they insist on not being known, why should I put forth the effort? I can see some portion of those who read this will react by saying I am distant or cold for saying this, but I think the opposite is true: the eccentrics among us- they are the ones who hold others at arm's length. If they want that space, I say fine; let 'em have it. It seems to be what they want. So to me, the whole transformation thing during the movie was just plot filler and not really signficant one way or the other. It was just something that happened to someone else.

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On this blog, the same guy *did* take all the pictures. I've been an admirer of his work for sometime. (my favorite month)

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