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Thanks for all your help guys! I was unexpectedly away from my computer for a few days, but will try out the tips here and post an update.

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Thanks, rocket88 :-) When I was putting the post together I tried to find a good definition and couldn't. Even though the word has been devalued, I still believe there are people who personify genius in the sense I was trying to get at. Thanks for all the comments, everyone - I've got some intersting reading from them.

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Wow, Kottke is worth more than MeFi ($2.8m).

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Great, thanks guys! Will try again once I'm released from the day job.

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Thanks, guys, those sites are great! (Must work on my Googling, but I swear I couldn't find anything good)

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"We think it's appropriate to place it in a special chapel." 'Special' in the Olympic sense?

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That's magic, never knew they were there. Those crazy Google kidz...

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MonkeyFilter: I have no words. [Can't wait until this is posted again. It's great!]

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Earlier in the season, supporters of county Cork put internet-sourced bumper stickets on their cars that said 'Al Qaeda supports Kerry.'

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Very cool site, though the biographies are a little short. That's the same picture used for the dubious subplot in The Terminal, right?

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...the gutteral utterals... Heh. Picard rulz. But now it turns out bone's a geek, it all just seems so meaningless...

Lovecraft's great, and his books have a sense of darkness about them that I've never found anywhere else, but I think you really have to have a pretty low credibility threshold to believe that the Necronomicon is real. There seems to be something inspirational about the idea, though. I remember a friend of mine reading some Lovecraft when we were thirteen or so, and every short story he wrote for months after was connectd with that dread book in some way. I think I may even have paid youthful tribute to it myself.

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Nasty stuff. Strikes me as invention, possibly with a light sprinkling of stories (I would hesitate to say 'facts') from genuine emails. I'm with Nostrildamus on this one.

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Someone just spammed his comments.

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Not exactly what I had in mind... ;)

Apologies if this has been asked before, I swear I searched...

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I think I'm seeing double. Damn whiskey. [Mmm, whiskey. So what's this thread about again?]

MonkeyFilter: We're all counting on you.

MonkeyFilter: We're all counting on you.

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I second dickdotcom's suggestion (though not his choice of username...:) ). In music journalism, it's hard to find someone who both knows their stuff and can write; too often it's a case of one or the other. It might be worth your while going to a gig and writing up a review, and then using that to try and get a foot in the door somewhere. Try and call the editor and tell him (or her) you're looking for some freelance work and you have a piece you'd like him to see. If you can't get hold of the editor (which is quite likely), email in the piece and follow it up with a couple of calls over the following days. Keep the piece short; not more than four or five hundred words. Most places I've worked for (I'm a news journalist, though I have lot of friends in music) get a fuckin' stack of CVs every week which are never read. If you get through to a minion, they'll probably tell you send in your CV just to get you off the phone. So make sure you email the editor directly with what you've written. I hope that's some help.

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