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After living in Seattle for 10 years, I returned to Portland, OR and have been back here for 5. I work at a planning firm, but am not a Planner.
Update: Have since relocated to the Mission in SF and returned to my wicked ways as a tender of the bar. In parallel life, I may go by the name "Frisbee Girl" and while definitively a female, I'm no longer a girl, I am not a Frisbee and I do not play Frisbee. I only claim to be one of God's Private Mysteries.
"Cheeky Monkey" is an Eddie Izzard joke from 'Dress to Kill' (which I don't do, incidentally, but I have been known to dress in the dark...with mixed results.) I had planned on using it at MetaFilter but then MonkeyFilter became a glorious reality.

You're pretty.

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