In "Sorry, America, None Of These Things Are Sports*"

Am I the only one who finds the concept of competitive eating offensive?

In "Julia Gillard is the new Prime Minister of Australia. "

She has refused to take up residence in the official Prime Minister's residence until her post has been validated by the public at the next election, scheduled for August 21.

In "Pelican 1 : Bugatti Veyron owner 0"

I saw the video of the crash and there was no sign of a pelican anywhere near it. The guy just gradually veers off the road. Excuse BUSTED.

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La Haine is one of my favourite movies! I thought of it as soon as these riots broke out. Life imitating art...

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I've managed to get through the last 9 months of Monkeyfilter on my company's time. Does that count as an achievement? If not, I feel like a bit of an underachiever considering all the cool stuff everyone else has achieved. Can we count superhuman alcohol consumption as an achievement, or does that earn you a black mark? God what has my life deteriorated to...

In "Best band name ever!"

My fave is "Kick a dog dead."

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I don't mind CD- It's on par with New/VB and has actually taken a fair chunk out of their market share (well here in Syd at least). Nothing too flash but it gets the job done. Their ads consistently take the piss which I find quite refreshing (The canoe one was good as is their tagline- "Carlton Draught- Made from beer".

In " Why the Ashes of 2005 is the best Test series in cricket history"

The most accurate definition of cricket that I've heard is "Organised Loafing."

In "Curious George: Ow"

Ice cream is easy to eat and reduces the pain. I had a couple of Wisdom teeth taken out a couple of months ago. After the anaesthetic wore off I ate some ice cream and the next day I was fine. Didn't need to take any painkillers whatsoever. The blood taste will clear up by the following day too.

In "Pot before beer or beer before pot?"

Beer then grass, you're on your ass. Grass then beer, you're in the clear.

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Yeah I've heard this. Because the formula was so expensive mothers were cutting back on the correct dosage eg using 1 tablespoon instead of two. Babies were dying of malnourishment. I think from memory there may have other problems such as not having access to clean water. The formula was being mixed with unsanitary water which also caused deaths.

In "The Tigers roar!"

The match even had offield drama with Andrew Symonds staying out on the piss till 4.30am and then turning up still drunk and struggling through the warm up.

In "Dear Japan, We hate you. "

Yeah I missed it first time round too, hence my "not sure what the inspiration was for these drawings." My favourite part of this was the comments. Fuck Japan indeed!

The outrage stems from a dispute over rocks.

In "Wallpaper for the lonely"

THis is awesome!

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It was over pretty quickly Grover- I killed everyone.

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If it's on FOX Sports I'll watch it. Looking forward to the Lions tour, that's going to be fantastic! I understand what you're saying about Marshall- it's the reason I hate Chris Latham and the new kid on the block, Peter Hewitt (NSW). Too much selfish, flashy, high risk play. When it comes off, they look fantastic but the other 50% of the time they just look like dickheads.

Hhmmm. I play number 9 and I do actually prefer Kelleher's style of play, but I think Marshall just outplayed him this season. I'll tell you the name of two young players that really impressed me this season- Gopperth (Chiefs) and Mcallister (Blues). I am expecting big things from them in the next few years.

What can you possibly have against Marshall? He's had a great season.

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