In "Pink Millipedes."

Paris the place, not that well-known person. Check out the spider. Slideshow No. 11. I quite like spiders (in general) but that one would not be welcome on my ceiling.

In "Curious Squinty George"

Sounds like some kind of allergic reaction. Minor but enough to cause the problem? Goggles similar to those worn in carpentry workshops might help, or have a talk with an optician?


Suck on it, imperialist right wing fucktards! Nigeria/Kansas/Hawaii/Indonesia/Anthropologist mother and Nigerian Government Advisor father/Indonesian stepfather and half sister/REAL African black relatives/single parent and grandparent collective parenting/white/black/Muslim/Christian/Agnostic/Protestant/intellectual/charismatic/pragmatic/anti butt-slop prison fashion statements. Michelle earns the greater income too. WHOOOHOOOOOOO He's got the spectrum of muttness covered almost to the nth degree too. Congratulations America. You won. Big time!

In "Studying psychopaths"

You scored 92% empathic, 0% delusional, 84% sociable, and 68% law-abiding! Gloom for years thinking deviant. Will that count as delusional? No? FAIL! ME! Breaking the speed limit is normal. Right?

In "OEDILF The Omnificent English Dictionary In Limerick Form"

Granny loosened a Gordian Knot with no eagle or ox in the pot and it's first past the post for BlueHorse and the most provocative rhyme of the lot!


Not now. Boiling up some beetroot. Needed a slice of heaven.

Rocket88 and tracicle. I suspect SCI has issues? Could be a mysogynistic or paranoid streak I triggered? I don't see why it's so peculiar for a couple of friends to have similar tastes, or to have common interests. Even to want to join the same site. There must be more than a few who've done the same. Husband and wife, boyfriend and girlfriend. It can't be that unique surely? I love beetroot in my hamburgers too tracicle. We must be related. ;)


Damn! I'm sure that's my brother. Ooo, eeeks! No! It's my sister. Eee, oook, urk! Wait! Wrong again! That's just someone on my network!



I know absolutely nothing about originating IP addresses or logs, whatever! Rotate has a different internet service than I do, if that's what you mean. There are more than a few in Australia. We're not reliant on single mob 'roo post. Wallabies are different from kangaroos too. Defensive? Yes I am, more at the moment because Rotate has had cancer, her right breast removed and then rebuilt during surgery. She has to go through chemotherapy for a while. I've been scared for her. That ok by you? I'm complimented you think Rotate and me have similar style. The fact Rotate gave me this PC is about HER character and generosity not about facile perceptions or shallow inferences. Supercilious pratts? Sensitivities of a mollusc? Arrogance of belief in exclusive tribal membership? Might be an idea to think about all beginnings on this vehicle of communication. It's a tool that "can be used to illuminate or obfuscate." But tools can ponce about with directives on what to comment on or where material should come from. Thanks for the tips. I read the Posting FAQs. I don't use Google. Too restrictive. Needed a laugh tonight. Thanks for that too.

Please DO pardon my lack of intellectual pretensions, Scary Corn Imp. Everyone else did get the point. Tabloid, ostentatious excess, ecological f**kery = incongruity of subject matter, location, pretty pictures. Watch Rome burn and tune up your fiddle. Except in your case SCI, it's probably a f**king Stradivarius! FYI, I'm not Rotate. She's a very dear friend and the sister I'd always wished I had. Rotate's recovering from surgery at the moment and tunes in to Monkey Filter on her laptop. She's not up to posting yet. I'm using her computer until mine is up and running. Suck on that fat boy!

In "Curious George.. new dog questions!"

Beautiful little dog. The blue eyes will probably remain. It's quite common for them to have one blue and one brown eye too.


Quite seriously, I agree with their conclusions and have held to the opinion that Neanderthals had more to do with our 'acquisition of what it is to be human' than any Cro-Magnon. Even the C-M word smacks of conservatism. I have yet to meet a Bank Manager who is not Cro-Magnon. ;)

In "Stonehenge 'was hidden from lower classes'"

And to keep the rams in.

Whooaaahhh! You've crushed me with your widely researched kick in the opinion, Hank. You've also given me the best laugh I've had in ages. The "drunken goat" comment is a cracker. I shall use it (but only with your permission of course). I'm of the kind featured in that old tune about ants, a ram and a dam. Aries personalities are supposed to be first in line to get things going. In my case, it's first to fall face down in something or over something, often a pile of scat. As a result i'm expert primarily in the art of shit shoveling. I shall read the literature you recommend and eschew "Asterix" as reference material. Cheers ears! :D

Stonehenge is not and has never been a Druidic artifact. It's very much pre-Druid. Waving another fact at you too; humanity doesn't change that much. If anyone imagines for one instance that the hard yakka of building ol' Stoney (and after laying down all that "keep off the grass" fencing) would have been done solely by architects and the ruling classes - then you need to crawl out of the cave more often. It's akin to seeing Paris Hilton cleaning up her myriad little doggy's poo or Michael Jackson doing his own laundry. Does not happen, would not happen and is another badly skewed piece of non-history colored by too many steeped herbal infusions and some Archaeological balderdash. Holly (even if cut by a golden sickle) can bend a neuron too well, and never mind the prickles! Maybe, several thousand years hence, some Archaeologist will pick up the remains of coke cans from the mounds of waste we leave all over the place and declare with absolute authority that they represent our mystical and spiritual worship of the multiplicity of gods we created to explain what is either unknown to us, or determinedly denied as having any reality. Such as the existence (or not) of Bigfoot, you might say. :D

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Loves me some SPORE. I'm no gamer, nor much of a computer person but had to see what the fuss was about. The mad gamer in house has been even less communicative than usual because SPORE came into the house last week. I spent 10 minutes peering over an irritated shoulder and I'm hooked! The little bastard refused to let me use his copy. Even took it with him when he wasn't using it. I had to sneak in and swipe it when he was sleeping. Now I'm hooked and buying my own copy next week.

In "The International Male 1986 Holiday Catalog: The Recockulous Jackpot!"

Mmmmmmmmmmmm. Leather! Jumpsuit! Pink shirt! Mmmmmmmmmmmm!

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There's two, toss ya for a choice. I'm not greedy. I lie! Salivating!

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If there's no thing to wipe your tush you can always use a handy Bush

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