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There's not really a whole lot to me...
I'm an undergrad at the University of Texas majoring in Architectural Engineering, and a Liberal Arts honors program called Plan II.
Other than that bit of wierdness about an Engineer being in a liberal arts program, the stragnest thing about me is probably that I've actually had a chicken fried bagel. Texas state motto: "We can chicken-fry that!"
What's with your name?
Ok, about my name:
My school's mascot is Bevo (a longhorn). A couple months ago, my friend was taking an informal poll about when people thought he would die (he's pretty old)(Update: He retired and a new Bevo came in to take his place! A picture of both of them together), and that got me thinking about what he'd be like as a ghost...(dont' ask--there was a somewhat-logical thought process that led up to this)
Since he seems to be always sedated in public, I figured he'd need to get some of that enery out; plus, he probably wouldn't be too happy about being constantly drugged up:hense, he'd be angry.
Add it all together, and you get BevosAngryGhost!
While the current Bevo's not dead yet, I like to think that I'm more the spririt of Bevos past, all the way back to the first one.
Me as a duck

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