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These links may help: • Anyone have a vinyl ripping service they would recommend?Anyone know of some blinding pro-level software to remove vinyl rumble.I have been helping a friend convert his punk vinyl into digital audio. Who here is an audiophile?I'd like to import some tracks in from vinyl...I want to transfer LP records to MP3s using a PC laptop...Can anyone recommend a cheap (or Freeware) application for recording to mp3 (or something I can convert) from a line in that runs under WinXP?

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Think of how many North Koreans could be fed with all that concrete...


The only problem with this theory is that gay men have statistically larger genitals than straight men. If phthlate contamination was an promoter of developmental changes that led to feminine imprinting or homosexuality, the oppposite effect would be observed. Observed data != theory, therefore theory loses out.

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The best way to do well on the math section is not to dawdle. Spend too long on one question and you'll finish the section with unanswered questions. If you run into trouble answering something, best strategy is to cross out answers you know are wrong right off the bat, then test the remaining answers. Grab a practice book and run through a couple tests. Best advice is to get a good night's sleep and don't stress.

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Is there anything in the ISS to protect the astronauts from radiation sickness? I imagine they're out in space far enough to take them outside the protective magnetic fields of the earth.

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Check out Thaiphoon near Dupont Circle. They make a mean tofu curry and try the iced Thai coffee.

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In other news, diet doctors take money from fast food chains and agriculture multinationals.

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Two men actually fellating each other are not as gay as that photo. Using the word "actually" in that sentence is like the gayest thing ever.

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Ever thought about hanging thin metal plates from the ceilings? No muss, no fuss when it comes time to remove them.

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Not to derail this thread, but this is an interesting document about Porsche, Volkswagen and slave labor in Nazi Germany.

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ever-perspicacious... Oooo, I haven't seen that word in donkeys' ages!

Honest question: How do you know this isn't just a sneaky way to redirect people to porn sites and collect revenue?

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Does this mean I lose royalties from my cybersex transcripts showing up in Penthouse Forum?

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what's the big deal about keeping Terri Schiavo alive if it's neither an imposition on the state or her husband? Perhaps it is an imposition on Terri Schiavo and her dignity.

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If it's true, you can be sure he won't survive to tell any of the tale. He'd have "committed suicide", leaving a convenient note behind that blames the liberal media for smearing his good name.

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If our five year olds cannot drink Jolt in schools, the terrorists have already won.

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How much are the fireball and lightening spells?

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Sounds cool. I'll check it out -- thanks!

Audio Hijack Pro can record the operating system and other application sounds to an AIFF, AAC, or MP3. You can then use SoundConverter to convert from them to WAV.

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I just want to point out that the workers did not initially file the lawsuit until Koko signed for a lap dance.

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