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I was born in the mid-1970s and I live in Ohio, though I used to live in Florida. I like to read more than anything at all. I write a lot; I am a published writer, but not in the way I'd like to be. I also like all the same junk that lots of other people like (art, crafts, music classical and music "alternative," good movies, history, linguistics, art comics and some manga, dancing, etc). I have changed majors half-a-dozen times and considered careers as disparate as "opera singer" and "graphic designer." My interests are more interesting than I, personally, am.
If a thread becomes annoying to me - IE, I am arguing with someone over something dumb and it is taking up more of my time than I would like - I say what I'm going to say and leave it. Arguing with people on the internet is a fruitless venture... wastes time, annoys everyone. (A good way to initiate a dumb argument with me is to voice an assumption about me as part of your attack plan. That's chumpy, not chimpy!)
However, if I do not reply to you in a thread, it's just as likely that the thread scrolled off the front page and I didn't think to make a point of looking for it again. Er... sorry about that.

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