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May 21, 2008

The Real Life Lessons Of WoW's Corrupted Blood One of the game's bosses infected players in his immediate vicinity with a disease called "Corrupted Blood," intended merely as a short-term, short-range annoyance - but afflicted players were able to teleport back to large population centers, effectively starting a quick-spreading epidemic, leaving central hubs littered with bones and covered in blood as players dropped dead left and right. Normal gameplay was massively disrupted. Players panicked, both in the game and on message boards, wondering whether the outbreak was intentional or an accident. It mirrored real-world epidemics in numerous ways: it originated in a remote, uninhabited region and was carried by travelers to urban centers; hosts were both human and animal, such as with avian flu; it was spread by close spatial contact; and there were asymptomatic individuals - in this case, invulnerable NPCs. more inside
Cyberium is a truly amazing site that reveals layers and hierarchies of mind boggling, morphing imagery administered by, dare I say it? a genius! more inside
Synesthesia . . I has it. Any like experienced Monkeys?
epicurious george: bean salad I want your recipes for simple bean salads. more inside
Demented Buick Boffer - the man who shags sedans, rogers runabouts. He fucks cars, people! The Cortina Casanova.