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May 06, 2008

Two Lawyers - the Yale Commencement Speech (pdf) - via "This was my last chance to teach you some law, Yale style. These were my final two slides: one bad lawyer, one good. What made the bad one bad wasn’t that he knew “less law.” It was that he, unlike the good lawyer, refused to take moral responsibility when he found himself in a position where his individual actions as a lawyer were likely to have a decisive role in shaping our profession’s situation sense, and thus in shaping the law itself." more inside
Zeppelin imagery more inside
Curious Tax Man: Very exciting tax question more inside
It's pudding. Shaped like breasts. Only in Japan would you be able to buy milk-flavored pudding in the shape of a jiggly breast, topped with a cherry or vanilla "nipple". Oh, and did I mention the packaging is designed to look like a topless woman?
A model for self-denial built in mid 18th century Pennsylvania, the upper stories of the Ephrata Cloister were so rife with mold that my sinusitis has flared up again, but it was worth seeing how The White Brotherhood and The Sisters of the Wilderness subsisted under austere conditions that would blanch a modern hedonist. more inside
Brother, can you spare me a dime nickel? . How about a nickel for your thoughts? Betcha a nickel you haven't seen these. This link's only worth five cents This makes five