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March 20, 2008

Tommy Gravedigger, Billy Bricks, Dai Llewellyn and all "Home on vacation in 1972, a photography student saw that the essence of his Welsh town was about to be torn apart by redevelopment. Now the social significance of his images has been recognised."
Today is Mister Rogers' 80th birthday, and in honor of this most momentous of days, I think you should read this Esquire profile of him. It's a little long, so if you haven't got the time, you can look at a list of 15 Reasons Mister Rogers Was the Best Neighbor Ever. Or you could watch a a nine-part Google video of interviews with Fred Rogers. more inside
5 Reasons Why "The Customer Is Always Right" Is Wrong The "Chief Happiness Officer" gives his encouragement to the legions of 'Customer Service' workers who either (1) don't know what they're doing (2) don't care or (3) are being paid to say NO. I'm a customer and I do NOT endorse this message. more inside
ONLY IN YORKSHIRE. A people who really know the value of the folding stuff.
Sing along with Carmina Burana! (flash video) This is one even the kids will be glad to join in. Or perhaps you've always wondered what they were saying in those Bollywood videos. (YouTube) more inside