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December 14, 2007

Curious George: Washington, DC Meetup on Tuesday the 18th of December? more inside
Gordo the Barosaurus, standing tall once more. A little photo essay about how a giant Barosaurus was prepared for exhibition in the new digs of the ROM, after being rediscovered in the basement. Only the second one to go on display.
move over dogs in shawls, here's bears in hats
Por for girls, by girls. SO degrading for men. (SFW)
Woman catches fire during hemorrhoid operation
The prehistoric version of middleclasstool's workshop has been found.
Before the end of the last ice age, a hunter-gatherer left a bag of tools near the wall of a roundhouse residence, where archaeologists have now found the collection 14,000 years later.
(Note: ancient overalls were not found.)
Hitler's English Love Child He knocked up Nazi nob Unity Mitford, who then spawned. Maybe
The Lives They Left Behind - a haunting examination of suitcases and trunks found in the attic of an abandoned psychiatric center. more inside
Kucinich booted from Iowa debate. The Des Moines Register informed the campaign that Kucinich is not invited because the newspaper determined “that a person working out of his home did not meet our criteria for a campaign office and full-time paid staff in Iowa.” Once again, credit to the H Dogg.
Videogaiden The BBC's computer games show, now on the internet. From the people who brought us Consolevania, which is probably the best video games show ever made more inside