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November 15, 2007

A controversial new treatment, which involves the transplantation of human waste, can treat cases of C. difficile infection. [...] only a handful of doctors in Canada are willing to undertake the unpleasant procedure which involves taking a healthy person's fecal matter and transplanting it into a person infected with C. difficile. [...]The procedure involves getting a close relative of the patient, such as a sibling, to donate several days-worth of stool. Louie tests the stool for diseases such as hepatitis and HIV and then mixes it with saline to create liquid feces. He then administers the stool to the patient through an enema.[...]
CG: Things To Do in Denver When You're Dead Bored Gonna be in Greeley, CO on a short-notice business trip Sunday afternoon through Tuesday morning. I need tips on stuff to do in either Denver or Boulder, and if there are monkeys in either city, I would like to offer you a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to buy me alcohol. more inside
New and improved stereotypes to teach your kids. (Via.)
Claus Von Stauffenberg, the man who nearly killed Hitler, is 100 today. With nearly perfect timing, Tom Cruise is to star as Von Stauffenberg in Valkyrie, er, next year. Stauffenberg's son is not pleased.
The Most Terrifying Video You'll Ever See (Youtube) The most terrifying if you're an oil or gas lobby, that is. An ~10 youtube clip on choices that you can make approaching the issue of Climate Change.
Mans fakes mugging with nail gun but clever Plod are on to him. more inside
Throw it in the oven with your cookies
Sister Unity Reveals The Gay Agenda link 2 teh YouTubez.