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October 19, 2007

bmovies.com! I don't normally swipe MeFi posts for here, but the awesomeness is just...just... more inside
Dr Crippen is a name that has been synonymous with murder for nearly a century. Notorious for murdering his wife and fleeing Britain on a ship with his lover disguised as a boy, this American doctor was the first person to be apprehended via the aid of wireless communication, in this case radio telegram. He was hanged in 1910 after a British jury found him guilty of murdering his wife, Cora, who had vanished earlier that year, and whose remains were identified as those found under the cellar floor of his London house. Except he was innocent. more inside
Bullets silence one of the South African apartheid regime's most outspoken critics. Peace, Lucky Dube... *sigh*
Trick or Treat! and Stuff Yourself Sick: I-Mockery presents the Ultimate Guide to Halloween Candy, from Oozing Eyeballs to Gummi Ghouls to the infamous Box of Boogers. more inside
A New Little Poo-Flinger! The London Zoo debuts a tiny new primate: a black-tailed marmoset baby no bigger than a wee mousie. Okay, so marmosets aren't strictly monkeys, but they're kissin' kin, and the SQUEEEEE factor is pretty high on this one. Loads of pictures in the main link, plus the usual Page 3 Girl teaser (SFW).
A Kyoto geisha preparing by putting on her makeup. (This and all other links here are YouTube) It's a little long at a bit over 12 minutes, but it seemed a good inspiration for those who might be looking for last-minute costuming ideas for a Halloween shindig. Further inspiration: Low-budge zombie, Budget zombie/ghoul makeup, Showgirl makeup, Flapper makeup, A tiger face, and applying basic latex prosthetics. more inside
Best Latin has some nice resources, including the excellent Audio Latin Proverbs and the strangely pointless Roman Sudoku. They haven't got news in Latin, but you can get that here, here, or (monthly rather than daily) here.
Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon is making waves. I was surprised there was no mention of our gibbon comrades. Ubuntu 7.10 was released yesterday, to great acclaim.