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October 18, 2007

The vital statistics of Asterix. An interview with Uderzo.
Sex, Nazi, burrito and Viagra: Who Googles what?
Clambake! In one of the earliest hints of "modern" living, humans 164,000 years ago put on primitive makeup and hit the seashore for steaming mussels, new archaeological finds show. Some studies speculate on spuds. more inside
The Art of Mourning is a collection of memorial and sentimental jewelery, funeralia, and art, ranging from hairwork to mourning brooches to miniatures. It also has information about the symoblism used in these forms of memorial art. more inside
Naomi Klein on capitalism. ...across the planet, "some of the most infamous human rights violations of this era...were in fact committed with the deliberate intent of terrorising the public to prepare the ground for the introduction of free-market reforms". Where this ├╝ber-corporate vision has not been imposed by force, it has been imposed by blackmail at a time of crisis. One of the ugliest examples Klein exposes is the use of the tsunami - an almost biblical wave that washed away 250,000 people - as a pretext to impose a Friedmanite vision.
Word play for the hungry more inside
The Artwork Of Katherine Dinger (Lot of pictures, takes some time to load, some are somewhat NSFW depending on your boss) She is amazing! Katherine Dinger creates mostly digital paintings. She keeps a blog. These are absolutely stunning.
The Personal Ads A scene from the play The March of the Kiteflyers performed by the Jobsite Theater. The company is based in Tampa, Florida.