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October 17, 2007

The Personal Ads A scene from the play The March of the Kiteflyers performed by the Jobsite Theater. The company is based in Tampa, Florida.
The real Raymond Carver. Tess Gallagher, the widow of Raymond Carver...is spearheading an effort to publish a volume of 17 original Carver stories whose highly edited versions were published in “What We Talk About When We Talk About Love"...Carver was credited with popularizing a minimalist style. But...Gordon Lish, Carver’s first editor at Alfred A. Knopf, had heavily edited, and in many cases radically cut, the stories...to hone the author’s voice. At the time, Carver begged Mr. Lish to stop production of the book. But Knopf went ahead and published it...
The Musée du Luxembourg has a Giuseppe Arcimboldo blockbuster. Previously.
Star Wars -- Episode ??: A New Season.
"The Surnateum is far more than a website designed to entertain and enlighten you. It is the virtual front-end for one of the most astonishing collections of authentic magical artefacts and strange stories gathered from around the world by the Collectors and Curators for more than a century." The museum is divided into departments, such as Cryptozoology and Teratology, Sacred and Secular Relics, and Demonology. more inside