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October 15, 2007

Nicaragua Abortion Policy Blog post on how women are dying in Nicaragua because the Daniel Ortega is appeasing the Catholic Church by allowing no abortions. Even when the woman's life is at risk.
Dinosaurs! that look an awful lot like elephants. The servant of the Lord is currently planning a new trip to the Congo, to bring back pterosaurs. Oh, and Let's Shut Down Landover Baptist, because it makes Baby Jesus cry. (Get your Baby Jesus Anti-Fornication Thong here!) more inside
The wittiest Brit. Glaring omission: the quidnunc kid. So, monkeys, who's on your list of the funniest folks ever, Brit or otherwise?
Indexed. Graphs, Venn diagrams, and charts of everything important in life. On index cards. Just look at it. [via 43 Folders]
Classic cafes - fast disappearing, but celebrated in this excellent site. See also. more inside
Probably NSFW. This Russian music video is absolutely batshit. Pickle costumes, fursuits and a clone of Sir Nose all combine to make a surrealistic and incomprehensible video.
LOOK AROUND YOU. Look around you. Just look around you. What do you see? A tree. A weather-vane. A discarded lollipop-wrapper. A traffic shop. All of these things, and any other things you may care to mention, have one thing in common. Can you work out what it is? more inside
Graveyards of Illinois is where we start our small tour of cemeteries and funerary art. To our left is Bohemian National Cemetery with its beautiful domed chapel, Odd Fellows Monument, and larger-than-life statuary. Another impressive Illinois graveyard is Acacia Park Cemetery and Mausoleum, known for its obelisks and its Masonic connections. more inside
Incredible horse, amazing horsemanship De Orpheo a Merlin de Rafi a Pablo The most beautiful horse in the world more inside