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October 01, 2007

The Birotron Keyboard was inspired by the Mellotron but ran via 8-track tape cartridges. The story of it's creation on the cusp of electronica is a great read. And there's a famous musician in it, too. (Not the keyboard.) via, as usual, The Blueotron
The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain in their rendition of Wuthering Heights (yootoob) more inside
Madman Bush 'Has Accepted Ethnic Cleansing' Seymour Hersh: The Surge means basically that, in some way, the president has accepted ethnic cleansing, whether he's talking about it or not. When he first announced the Surge in January, he described it as a way to bring the parties together. He's not saying that any more. I think he now understands that ethnic cleansing is what is going to happen. You're going to have a Kurdistan. You're going to have a Sunni area that we're going to have to support forever. And you're going to have the Shiites in the South.
Miss Moneypenny dead. So long, Lois Maxwell.
Historic squee as the Zoological Society of London puts its photo archives online.
Learn Chinese through pop music! Or the BBC, if that's more your cuppa. Or the very imaginatively named Free Chinese Lessons. more inside
Welcome to the Monkeysphere The old "One death is a tragedy; One million deaths is a statistic" quote explained in practical terms by a humor website... with monkeys. Gotta love it. (You have no choice)
Gothtober The Gothtober Countdown Calendar is a curated time-release flash-based online museum of 31 works of art by 31 different artists. The official run of the show is from October 1st to the 31st, a new piece being revealed with each day of the month. more inside
Radiohead to release 7th album. In ten days. As a download. For any price you like. more inside
You Convert It is a nifty little tool that lets you convert Documents, Images, Audio, Video, and of course Units into other forms. I find this really useful. (I searched, please don't let this be a double.)